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Aetna Vision

Aetna Vision plans are available for the citizens living in different parts of the United States. The company offers both individuals and groups vision plans with the right benefits, discounts and coverage options. The Aetna Vision plans are underwritten by Aetna Life Insurance Company (ALIC), claims services are provided through First American Administrators, Inc. and network administration services under Eyemed Vision Care, LLC. They were the leading health insurance providers in the country and offer various types of healthcare policies such as life, medical, dental, disability, pharmacy, behavioral health and student health insurance. The Aetna Dental plan has both HMO and PPO plans, consumers can choose anyone of it according to the availability of such policy in their state.

Aetna, Inc. has been serving the people for more than 150 years and they provide a wonderful customer service for all the policies offered by them including the claims service. The consumers can send the completed Aetna Vision benefits claims request form to the respective center if he/she files claims. The Aetna Vision reimbursement form, benefit request from and claim forms can be downloaded from their official website.

Aetna Vision Insurance

The Aetna Vision Insurance has all the requirements for the customers and this policy is tailored purposely for the consumers to fit their needs with a unique service plan. Aetna Vision insurance is available for the students, employees, organizers, families, etc. For example, they have vision plus plan group. Whoever needs vision policy with full coverage options, benefits plans and discount programs can look for the Aetna Eye Insurance. The discount programs are there in the states of California, Florida, Michigan, New York, Texas, Washington, etc.

The customers, who participate in Aetna Vision Preferred plan and receive a vision ID card can create an online login account to access the plan and sign in to view his/her benefits and the eligibility criteria of their vision plan. The company provides online tools to locate the providers within Aetna Vision Network including the discounts network directory from various locations. They have thousands of independent and retail vision network providers nationwide with an experience doctors and physicians. In case, if the clients need assistance or wish to get more information, he/she can dial the Customer Care Center phone number at 1-877-9-SEE-AETNA (1-877-973-3238) between Saturday 8:00 AM - 11:00 PM ET and Sunday 11:00 AM - 8:00 PM ET.

For further information about Aetna Vision One Discount Program, strategy, vital savings, therapy policy and statement visit their authentic website.


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