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Aflac Investment

Aflac Investment is through a conservative approach which helps ensure that the organization is well-positioned to fulfill its promises to claimants, policyholders, employees, sales associates and shareholders. It has been stated on that Aflac has worked hard to build a culture of open communication, honesty, integrity and caring customer service. It is dedicated to effective corporate governance and extensive disclosure. The organization has fostered a culture of open communication and trust among its employees and management to help ensure that it operates in a transparent manner. Aflac Insurance Company maintains the highest ethical standards in its business practices and financial reporting as it works according to its strategy. Aflac Insurance Company finance department places high priority on investing in high quality fixed income securities. The organization does not have direct investment exposure to subprime the lending market. It has increased its annual dividend for 26-consecutive years. The total cash dividends paid in 2008 were 20 per cent higher than in 2007 with the dividend yield being 3.1 per cent. You will find the portfolio and quarterly reports on

Aflac Investment Calculator

Aflac Investment Calculator can be found on To calculate, the person has to fill in the purchase date, amount invested and number of shares purchased. Then they can only then click on the submit button. It has been highlighted that Aflac is committed to developing proactive solutions while remaining attuned to market needs and opportunities. Those interested in historic stock price can access this on Here they can see the closing price, day's high, day's low, day's volume, actual price and split adjustment factor. One can also access forms such as:
  • Stock Assignment
  • Optional Cash Investment
  • Change of Address
  • Transfer of Broker
  • Direct Deposit of Dividends
It also offers Sale Request and Direct Deposit, Bank Draft Automatic Authorization and Transfer on Death forms. The organization also provides shareholder services inclusive of tax forms such as W-9 and W-8BEN. The analyst coverage can be found on Here one can access the first call earnings estimates summary and do an analysis of the years.

Aflac Investment Services

Aflac Investment Services through its chief officer employees at more than 427,700 payroll accounts. This is including businesses of all sizes, banks, hospitals, school districts and city and state Governments. The payroll accounts are inclusive of the City of Atlanta, American Express, Genesis Healthcare, the State of Florida, Valero Energy Corporation, Viacom and Wachovia. Aflac also services individuals seeking specific insurance coverage. This is done through more than 74,300 licensed sales associates including more than 11,200 who on average produced business every week in 2008. Aflac products and services are inclusive of:
  • Long-Term Care
  • Fixed Benefit Dental
  • Cancer Indemnity
  • Intensive Care
  • Short-Term Disability
  • Vision
  • Sickness Indemnity
  • Hospital Indemnity
This is in addition to specified health event. Aflac's insurance products are term life, whole life and juvenile life.

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