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AIG Health Insurance

AIG Health Insurance provides coverage at the best deals to its clients and customers throughout the United States. Health insurance is basically a coverage or protection against loss by illness or bodily injury. Most health insurances also provide coverage for visits to the doctor, medicine, hospital stays and other medical expenses. Overall, it is a cover for the policy holder against the risk of incurring medical expenses among individuals.

The American International Group offers this package through its subsidiary Homeland Healthcare which has developed a cutting edge approach to health coverage. The unique feature given by the company, the policy holder will never be required to pass a physical prior to coverage being issued. Customers do not have to worry about paying outrageous deductibles and monthly premiums gains. The health insurance is also for visitors to USA and travelers.

AIG Health Insurance Plans

AIG Health Insurance Plans offer a range of options to its valued customers. The company has several plans providing flexibility.
Its objective is to accommodate the demands existing for healthcare. You can access this information and more details on You will also find quote here. The American International Group through its subsidiary, Homeland Healthcare offers seven plans comprising of:
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Platinum
  • Fusion 1
  • Fusion 3
  • Dental
The plans have been set and made according to the needs and demands of its customers. The company also offers custom made plans and solutions upon request of its clients.

AIG Health Insurance Company

The AIG Health Insurance Company also has operations in UK, India and Canada. In UK, it trades under the name of UNAT. The American International Group has received excellent reviews from satisfied customers. The Company offers AIG direct which is insurance cover for life and health for men and women. The programs provided by AIG includes personal accident insurance, health choice, over 50s insurance, well woman, and general insurance for homes.

AIG Health Insurance Company also has a healthchoice cover plan. The plan is made up of surgery and hospital costs, diagnostic tests, outpatient consultants, follow up physiotherapy sessions etc. You can access this details Overall, AIG is the world's largest insurance provider.

For further information, you can check out the organization's official website.


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