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AIG Homeowners Insurance

AIG Homeowners Insurance provides the best coverage there is for home and property owners as a whole. It protects and provides security to homeowners and their families on the long term basis. Basically, this policy is designed to protect your property against personal liability. The coverage includes safeguard against theft, smoke, hurricane, volcanic eruption, accidental discharge or overflow of water.

This policy is provided through AIG Homeowners Insurance Company. Its policies are designed to protect the home and personal property as well. The coverage options that the program provides include:
  • Loss of use
  • Personal Property
  • Liability
  • Secondary Structures
  • Primary Dwelling
  • Medical Expenses.
AIG Homeowners Insurance also has its claims and complaints section which looks into the grievances of its customers. In addition to this, the company provides life insurance, commercial auto insurance, asset management, financial services as well as retirement services.

AIG Homeowners Insurance Quote

AIG Homeowners Insurance Quote are available online. You can also get the quotes on the following phone number 1-800-554-9142. You can also contact the company on 1-908-679-3150. Once you get a quote, you can easily compare it with the quotes of other insurance providers and get the best deal for the coverage you need. Moreover, people do not have to look far as American International Group provides the best quotes with the best deal not forgetting the best coverage plans and options.

For this, the company has been receiving great reviews by its satisfied customers and clients. The reviews are available online on insurance forums and blog sites as well.

AIG Homeowners Insurance Florida

AIG Homeowners Insurance Florida offers great policies and it is up to the customers and clients that the organization offers them the best deal. The company considers home insurance an important aspect for any homeowner.Moreover, AIG Homeowners Insurance Florida provides customized coverage as per the demand, need and request of the client.

The policy has various deductibles and riders enhancing the home policy. The policy payment are made through premiums. One of the unique features of the company is that it does majority of the underwriting in the house of the customer making the policy custom or tailor made.

Those seeking more information can have a look at the company's official website.


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