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AIG Investment

AIG Investment receives support from the federal that is the Government itself. It had recently been highlighted that the American International Group executed its recapitalization plan with the US Government in January this year. You can access this piece of information on the internet,
/Govt_Support_080511.pdf. It further states that the organization in the second quarter of 2011 with the Treasury Department completed the public offering of 300 million shares of AIG common stock. This was also with 100 million shares issued and sold by AIG along with 200 million shares sold by the Treasury Department. Those interested in information about the AIG investors can go through Here you will find the group financial reports archive for the past five years that is from 2005 to 2010. You can also access the financial status of the corporation for the first and second quarter of 2011. The company is in competition with its rival Pinebridge.

AIG Investment Corporation

The AIG Investment Corporation is considered a global group leader in asset management.
The corp (global corp) has extensive capabilities in fixed income, equity, private equity, hedge and real estate investments. You can get this information and more from

The corporation's head office is in New York. Its address is:

AIG Global Investment Corporation (S) Ltd
AIA Tower 13-00
1 Robinson Road
(S) 048542
New York
Phone Number: 65320423

It also has offices in Asia (Corporation Asia Ltd), Africa, North America, South America and Europe.

AIG Investment Bond

AIG Investment Bond is offered by the subsidiary AIG Life International. It is basically an investment bond known as International Investment Bond. You can access this on It basically wraps a defined range of funds which is seen as widest in its sector with in excess of 200 funds. The International Investment Bond is a comprehensive product. It is available in a choice of life assurance structure or capital redemption form with no price differential between the two forms.

Apart from investment bonds, the American International Group offers a competitive analyst salary plus benefits to its employees and workers. The company provides career openings and job opportunities too.

Those looking for more information, can go through the organization's authentic web portal.


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