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AON Pension Plans

Aon Pension offers the best package to its customers and employees. The corporate thinks of a better future for its clients and workers. Pension is a sum of money paid regularly as a retirement benefit or by a way of patronage. It is also defined as a benefit, usually money, paid regularly to retired employees or their survivors by private businesses and federal, state and local governments. Employers establish pension plans by paying a certain amount of money into a pension fund. The money paid into this fund is not taxed to the employer. It is not taxed to the employee until the employee retires and begins to collect pension benefits. The amount of pension that a pensioner or benefiter receives depends on the type of the pension plan he or she has.

Aon's subsidiary Aon Hewitt offers professional pension. For Pension Risk Tracker you can go through Aon Hewitt is the leading publication for occupational pensions and investment industry. It believes that it works harder than any other Third Party Administrator (TPA) to listen to its members, clients and the wider market.

Aon Pension Solution

Aon Pension Solution is the initiative of Aon Consulting and Russell Investments team. The organization provides integrated pension solution that combines the ability to manage the assets and liabilities of pension funds. This in turn enables the real risks and opportunities to be identified and a total pensions solution to be delivered.

Overall, the Aon Pension Solution has been created to provide a much needed management framework which ensures pension schemes taking full advantage of all opportunities that present themselves offering an efficient means of achieving objectives. For more details on this, you can check out

Aon Pension Consulting

Aon Pension Consulting division understands that managing the financial and operational risks associated with defined benefit pensions is fundamental. Aon Corporate offers broad and extensive financial risk management services. It includes:
  • Pension Protection Fund Levy
  • Scheme Funding and Investment
  • Enhancements and Inducements
  • Closure and Settlement
  • Scheme Accounting
  • Mergers and Acquisitions Activity
The operational services provided by pensions consulting are communication strategy and delivery, legal documentation, trustee services from independent trusteeship to trustee training as well as scheme UK design, management including governance along with compliance. Aon Pension Consulting has pension experts you can rely on.

Those looking for further information can have a look at the Aon official website.


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