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Auto-Owners Flood Insurance

Auto-Owners Flood insurance covers and protects the policy holder, his or her family and their possessions as a whole. It has been stated on
flood-insurance that flood don't have to be large city or countrywide events to be covered by flood insurance. Flooding can be limited to a single property and still be covered. It has further been highlighted that floods occur in 50 states along coastlines and rivers, on hills and mountains, in cities and on farms. Floods don't always involve overflowing rivers. Flooding includes water from any source that pools or runs across normally dry land. It often involves:
  • Heavy rains or rapid snowmelt
  • Levees or dams that are breached or overrun, or from which water is intentionally released
  • Plugged storm drains, ditches or culverts
  • The accumulation of water at the low end of a subdivision
It is also inclusive of the overflow of a lake or pond including retention ponds and failed drains, water main breaks and even collapsed above ground swimming pools. Nearly 40% of all flood related damage occurs beyond the areas identified as being at most risk for flooding.Very few properties are free from the risk of flooding.

Auto-Owners Flood Program

Auto-Owners Flood Program defines flood as a general and temporary condition of partial or complete inundation of normally dry land areas from overflow of inland or tidal waves, unusual and rapid accumulation or runoff surface waters from any source or mudflows caused by flooding. It has been stated on coverage is available for residential, agricultural and commercial buildings. Coverage is provided for central air conditioning equipment, furnaces and water heaters, insured building and its foundation, permanently installed carpeting over unfinished flooring and permanently installed paneling, wallboard, bookcases and cabinets etc. This is brought to the policy holders by the flood service center. For more information on this, people can call up the Auto-Owners Insurance or talk to the independent agents. The insurance agent login is at

Auto-Owners Flood Insurance Claims

Auto-Owners Flood Insurance Claims can be filed through phone at (517) 323-1200 and for emergency (888) 252-4626. Claims are handled by its center known as No Problem. Reporting a claim with Auto-Owners is not time consuming at all. To report a claim, one just has to call their local Auto-Owners independent agent. The company has over eighty claim offices thus making insurance claims fast and hassle free. Auto-Owners strives to make claims process as painless as possible and continues to have one of the highest rated claims services in the industry. Claims Status can be checked at has been opening more local claim branches. With over 80-claim offices in 26 states, the company believes its claim branches should be as close as possible to its policy holders and agents. The organization is dedicated to providing policy holders with its highly rated No Problem claim service as it strives to be the best provider of claim service in the industry. Auto-Owners have highlighted on its website that in case of an accident, policy holders should gather information and contact their agency.

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