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Berkshire Hathaway Credit

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Corp offers viable real estate financing services operating as a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The company's address along with its contact details is as follows:

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Corporation
1440 Kiewit Plaza
Omaha, NE 68131
United States
Phone Number: 402-346-1400
Fax Number: 402-346-3375

This can be found on
Details can also be found on Moody's research reports.

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Rating

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Rating has been affirmed the Standard & Poor's AA+. Normally S&P used to have the rating category of AAA but there has been a rating cut that is a downgrade to AA+.
The controversy has been that the organization got affected by this as its CEO slammed S&P. This information can be accessed at
It has been highlighted that very strong financial profiles and favorable business profiles support the AA+ ratings. It has also been stated that Berkshire Hathaway maintains a strong capital and liquidity.

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Crunch

A number of businesses worldwide was affected tremendously by the global credit crunch and Berkshire Hathaway was no exception. The organization chief executive officer Warren Buffet stated in 2008 during the credit crunch period that it creating buying opportunities. Berkshire Hathaway paid Chicago Pritzker $4.5 billion for sixty percent of Marmon Holdings Inc facing up to the risk of the credit crunch.

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Default Swaps

Berkshire Hathaway Credit Default Swaps prices have been increasing. In 2009, Bloomberg reported Berkshire Hathaway trading at levels more typical of junk-rated companies even though it retained its AAA rating on S&P. Its subsidiary GIECO offers credit card. It highlighted the swap prices were on the rise because of worries of loss on derivative contracts linked to long-term moves of global equity indexes, high-yield corporate bonds and municipal debt. Basically, accredit default swap is designed to transfer credit exposure of fixed income products between parties. The buyer of the credit swap receives credit protection and the seller of the swap guarantees the credit worthiness of the product.

If you are interested in more information, go through its authentic website.


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