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Berkshire Hathaway Financial

Berkshire Hathaway Financial has been growing from strength to strength overcoming crisis over the years getting an AA+ rating by A.M Best. This unparallel financial strength is enjoyed by Berkshire Hathaway Group. The organization's financial products are offered at competitive prices and rates. Its products include:
  • Single Premium Immediate Annuity
  • Single Premium Deferred Annuity
The single premium immediate annuity is a retirement planning product. It guarantees a steady stream of income for lifetime. Single premium deferred annuity is also a retirement planning product which is designed to assist in accumulation of savings in a tax-deferred environment.

Berkshire Hathaway Financial Report

Berkshire Hathaway Financial Report and statements can be found online on Google and Yahoo Finance. Statements 2010, statements 2008 and statements 209 of the organization are available on the internet.
The statements and financial report gives an outline of the total revenue, gross profit, operating income, total operating expense, income before and after tax and net income. It also gives details about basic EPS excluding extraordinary items, normalized common. You will find this on
The net earnings of the first financial quarter for the year 2011for Berkshire Hathaway has been reported to be around $1605 billion. As per the financial reports of the organization, the investing activities turnover has been reported to hover at $2861 billion.

Berkshire Hathaway Financial Ratios

Berkshire Hathaway Financial Ratios can be found via Morningstar on
The key ratios give an overview of the margins percentage of sales, operating margin, gross margin and profitability. It gives an outlook of Berkshire Hathaway in terms of cash flow, financial health, efficiency ratios and growth. The ouline has been given as:

Profitability Berkshire Hathaway Inc BRK.A
Return on assets 3.21 %
Return on capital 5.48%
Return on equity 8.11%
It also includes dividends, shares, cap spending, working capital, book value per share and earnings per share. For information in regards to the organization, log onto its official website.


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