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Chubb Fire

Chubb Fire (Chubb - A UTC Fire & Security Company) is a subsidiary of Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Chubb Fire offices can be found in towns and cities of UK in Aberdeen, Plymouth, Middleton Manchester, Wandsworth, Yeovil, Inverness, Wakefield, Leeds, Bicester, Edinburgh, Salisbury, Bristol, Kent, Blackburn, Basildon, West Midlands, Birmingham, Jersey, Belfast and Cardiff. The Chubb Fire & Security llc is situated in Westfield MA. There are jobs in Leeds, in Feltham London, York Coleshill, Throckley in Newcastle Nottingham, Wycombe, Yorkshire and Wales. Chubb Fire is also established overseas in South Africa - Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg, George, Port Elizabeth and Rustenburg, Scotland - Grampian, Ireland - Dublin, Northern Ireland, in France, Gibraltar Nederland, USA - Ferndale Gibraltar and Germany, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and uae Qatar. The company also has job vacancies as well as recruitment in Canada Vancouver, Windsor, New Zealand (nz) and Australia - Fyshwick Brisbane, Karratha Western Australia (wa), Perth Gladstone Townsville Queensland (qld), Port Macquarie nsw, Canberra, Cairns, Darwin, Hobart and Dingley in Victoria Melbourne for positions such as human resources and technicians.

The company provides risk assessment and quality training services.
It also offers courses which are nationally accredited and industry based. It's skilled and highly qualified trainers are at the forefront of technology, principles and legislation.

Chubb Fire and Security Company

Chubb Fire and Security Company Ltd is a nationwide provider of fire as well as security protection services. It offers its services to banking, defense, industrial and commercial companies as well as to the Government. Chubb Fire and Security Company Limited looks into electronic security, Chubb systems and fire safety systems. The company provides fire and life safety measures. Chubb Fire & Security Inc provides electronic security systems and services. Its products are card access systems, digital videos, alarms, smoke detection and video surveillance accessories. The company is also the leading provider of monitoring technologies.

Overall, the company is a global leader in fire, security and safety services. Chubb Fire and Security Company provide a comprehensive range of fire, safety and security solutions for businesses.

Chubb Fire Alarm Systems

Chubb Fire Alarm Systems are flexible, highly developed and custom-made to the specific needs and demands of the client. The company's products range consists of detectors, detection systems, equipment. Chubb Fire Alarm systems also provide maintenance, mechanical and testing services. The UK Chubb head office contact detail is:

Chubb Fire Limited
Chubb House
Middlesex TW 16 7AR
Telephone Number: 01932 785588
Fax Number: 01932 765630

Chubb Fire Training

Chubb offers fire training services to its employees as well as to other industries and companies. The company provides fire extinguisher, evacuation, fire safety advisor, height safety and warden trainings. The extinguisher prices differ. They also look into advanced fire fighting courses, evacuation exercises and first aid training. The offices and branches providing training are Adelaide, Northern Ireland and Ashfield. The participant and course goers are made aware of the fire safety measures and drills. The training makes them fully aware and prepared if they come across such incidents or cases in the future.

Chubb Fire Suppression Systems

The leading fire and security company designs and offers a range of fire suppression systems. These consist of foam systems to fight foam, water hydrant and hose reel, water mist deluge, sprinkler, pre-engineered and gaseous suppression systems. It also includes hydrospray elite fire extinguisher and blankets. The blanket prices differ depending on the supplier. Chubb provides fire proof cabinets, filing cabinets, proof safes, resistant safes and resistant filing cabinets.

Those looking for more information can visit the official website.


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