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Chubb Masterpiece

Through Chubb Masterpiece, customers get broad coverage on their most valuable possessions. The valuable possessions are usually antiques, collectors' items and family heritage such as jewelry, paintings, watches, ancestral homes etc. Chubb Masterpiece policy falls under the category of personal insurance. This includes valuable articles, deluxe contents, home appraisal service, personal liability insurance and deluxe house. The Masterpiece hotline is available 24 hours at (65) 65107372. The customer care representatives are ready to assist at this line. Forms are available on the website The policy summary provides key information about Chubb Masterpiece policies. Moreover, there is a policy book which gives full details of its packages. The company has always put its customers ahead of everything else giving them the utmost priority. This can be seen though their protection network which provides the clients with recommendations to qualified specialists. Now, agents can quote and rate policies through the online connection to Chubb Masterpiece Real Time which is accessed through the company's website.

Overall, this policy us of Chubb is an innovative insurance product.

Chubb Masterpiece Brochure

Chubb Masterpiece Brochure informs the clients and interested persons about what the company through its Masterpiece policy has in offer such as motor policy. The brochure gives a brief summary outlining the features of the insurance policy, what it is all about, what the benefits are and how useful it's going to be. Its just a sum up and not like the pds and policy wording which is very much detailed. Basically, the brochure creates an awareness, that such a package exists and what it has in store for the customers. It also states the summary of the company, an outline of its history, the services it provides such as homeowners insurance as well as contact numbers to its customer service and claims department. This is available at Chubb local and overseas branches such as in Canada, London, Australia and Singapore. The brochure can be viewed at

Chubb Masterpiece Insurance Policy

The Chubb Masterpiece Insurance Policy covers family and personal valuables at a competitive price and interest rate. The policy provides coverage for features:

  • Watercraft - Yacht
  • Jewelry
  • Art work/Paintings
  • Luxury automobiles (collector cars)
  • Personal liability
  • Fine homes (home insurance)
Clients are guaranteed significant savings with the Chubb Masterpiece Insurance Policy. Special group discounts are also given. For more information on this, interested persons can call Insurance Solutions at 1-888-862-4822. Customers and those interested in getting cover by Chubb can get quotes online through the company's website and make comparisons. They can also call on the number stated above and talk their queries out with the customer care officer or insurance broker.

Chubb Masterpiece Insurance UK

Chubb Masterpiece Insurance is available in UK where its offices are widespread and well established. There are eight branches in UK - two in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester and Reading. The address and phone number of its headquarters is:

UK Headquarters
Chubb Insurance Company of Europe SE
106 Fenchurch Street
Phone Number: 020-7956-5000

People looking for more details should go through the official Chubb website.


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