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CNA Life Insurance

CNA Life Insurance is regarded as the leader of life insurance industry. It is also a leading provider of small and mid-sized businesses inclusive of attorney offices, accounting firms, architectural and engineering firms. The company defines life insurance as an agreement by the insurance provider to pay a specified sum when someone dies. This agrrement is actually a contract between the insured person that is the policy holder and the insurance provider (company). CNA advises that when a life insurance plan is made, it is important to plan for more than simply replacing lost income. The life insurance policy as a whole is income and security for the policy holder and their families.

Overall, CNA is the second largest commercial insurance writer and the 35th largest life insurance company in the US. CNA has offices and branches spread throughout the states of America such as California, Arizona, Valley Forge, Texas and Nasville Tn etc

CNA Life Insurance Customer Service

CNA Life Insurance Customer Service connects the company to its customers and the customers to the company through the switchboard.
There are various phone numbers to its various divisions. The contact to if life insurance division is as follows:
  • Life Policy Assistance 800-437-8854
  • Annuity Assistant 800-304-3454
  • Group AD&D 1-800-303-9744
  • Individual AD&D 1-800-262-1783
  • Progeny 1-800-251-2148
With the customer service, customers will also find forms and will be able to make claims reports.

CNA Life Insurance Company of Canada

CNA Life Insurance Company of Canada merged to provide better services and products to its clients. CNA Life Insurance Company and the Canada Life Assurance Company entered into an assumption reinsurance agreement in 2002. The Co of Canada provides job and employment opportunities such as senior underwriter, accounts officer, financial officer, management, associate underwriter, human resources etc.

Those looking for more information about the company can login on its authentic website


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