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Fidelity Annuity

Fidelity Annuity is provided under the division Fidelity Investments which is a financial services company. It is considered as the world's largest mutual fund company. The organization is very much engaged in mutual funds. Annuity is an investment security that one pays money into for a set period of time. Once the concerned person, reaches a certain date, they start to receive regular payments for a fixed period of time.

It can also be stated that annuities are guaranteed. The amount of time one pays into the annuity can differ anywhere from a onetime payment to many smaller payments over a long period of time. This varies largerly on the amount of the annuity and one intends to start receiving the payments. There are several types of annuities investment options including deferred and immediate. You can get quote for annuity on 800-494-0810.

Fidelity Annuity Calculator

Fidelity Annuity Calculator tool available on the world wide web gives a fair idea to the interested persons as to what rates and fees to expect.
Basically, the annuity calculator gives an estimation of what to expect. On the calculator tool, the interested person just has to fill in his or her age, criteria, rates, partner, period and purchase price. You can access this on

Fidelity Annuity Forms

Fidelity Annuity Forms are available online on the internet for the convenience of the customers and interested persons at large. The company always prioritzes its consumers before anything else. The forms that are available are:
  • Fidelity Account Application
  • Deposit Slip
  • Transfer of Assets from Another Institution
  • Fidelity IRA Withdrawal Request
  • Fidelity Non-Retirement Redemption
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
It also provides combined statements and IRA Return of Excess Contribution Request. The forms are also available at Fidelity Insurance Group's Service Center. The service center also provides information about the products and services offered by the company.

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