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Fidelity Retirement

Fidelity Retirement offers a range of retirement solutions according to the needs of its clients and customers. The organization believes its essential to have a secured and a beneficial retirement which it offers. Some of the solutions it provides include:
  • 401(K) and IRA Rollovers
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA)
  • Small Business Retirement Plans
Fidelity retirement products are tax-deferred and income annuities along with fixed income. Basically, retirement is the phase where a person stops working or engaged in employment completely. The concerned person may retire between 50 to 70 or maybe earlier as according to them. Moreover, retirement age differs from country to country.

Fidelity Retirement Rewards American Express

Fidelity Retirement Rewards American Express assisting its clients in saving more for their retirement through purchases. It works in the manner whereby the concerned person earns two points for each $1 he or she spends on purchases.They get the chance to take advantage of more flexibility with additional worldpoints.
The benefits associated with this card is payment flexibility, retail purchase protection, zero fraud liability, 24-hour customer service and travel security benefits such as car rentals etc.

Fidelity Retirement Calculator

Fidelity Retirement Calculator helps customers in knowing how much they can save within a certain period of time. There are several types of calculators such as roth conversion evalutor, traditional vs roth evaluator and IRA contributions calculator. Retirement calculators assist in creating a retirment plan. It also gives you a quick check. You can also check out the retirement calculator on to get a fair understanding. Apart from retirement calculator, there are income calculator and social security calculator as well.

Fidelity Retirement Income Planner

Fidelity Retirement Income Planner creates a retirement income strategy which matches your objectives. You can access this through where you will have to login with your username and password.

Fidelity Retirement Money Market

Fidelity Retirement Money Market is represented by the symbol FRTXX on the stock market. The Fidelity Retirement Money Market has seen a steady growth currently having a yield of 0.01 per cent, total assets of $15.8billion and expenses of 0.42 per cent with an open status. One the other hand Fidelity Retirement Government Money Market is reprsented by the symbol SPAXX on the stock market as of September 22 2011 has had a YTD of 0.01 per cent. You can check out the summary on

Fidelity Retirement Services

Fidelity Retirement Services offers a wide range of products and services inclusive of funds and plans to the people at large. The organization can be reached at the following address:

Fidelity Retirement Services
40 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02109
Phone Number: (617)-570-5100

Those seeking for more information can check out the organization's web portal.


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