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GEICO Commercial

GEICO has started mass campaigns and promotions of its insurance products through the commercial advertisement in radio, TV channel, magazine, online sharing video site and social networking sites. The company arranges to spread the news about its insurance policy benefits and coverage options through the media and online sources. GEICO commercial ads are featured by several actors, actresses and some unknown guys and girls including fictional characters acted as executive, therapist, CEO, old man or guy, and Albert Einstein. The firm also has commercial ads on animated cartoons and insects such as beaver, bear, bird, eagle, dog, goat, lizard, gecko, octopus, pig, spider, woodchuck, and lots more.

The GEICO commercials caveman or gecko or googly-eyed Kash is the popular series of TV ads in the country and overseas. The firm also added new commercial ads for 15 minutes by the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011 that show lots of funny acts, which was created under the computer software program xtranormal (extra normal). Fans of the mentioned above commercial series can be downloaded from youtube including their songs, lyrics or scripts and videos.

GEICO Commercials

The GECIO commercials ad videos are making aware to the people and help to understand the importance of insurance policy. The underlying theme of GEICO commercial ads by casting several actors and actresses including the animation of various animals are showing that they provide full assurance for auto/car insurance (including truck and vehicles) and other policies such as Homeowners, Life, Liability or Umbrella Insurance, etc. Many citizens have mistaken the GEICO Commercials to be Stanley or other company because of the keen contest is going on.

The GEICO commercials advertisement has many funny quotes like "I'm not your daddy, I'm your grandpa", "it takes two to tango", and has several rhetorical questions campaign such as "does a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush", "do the guy live under a rock", "Did an opera with helium make less stuffy", "is it right only dogs hear dog whistles", "does a rolling stone gather no moss", etc.Interested person can find more information about GEICO commercials rhetorical questions from their official website.

GEICO Commercials Gecko

The fans can watch online videos through youtube on several GEICO Commercials with their mascot Gecko. Some of the popular GEICO Commercials Gecko ads are mating call, with cell phone and wallet, its voice, etc. The gecko is the spokesperson of GECIO commercial advertisements.

Another interesting GEICO Commercials ad is about a little piggy in a car that cries 'wee...wee...wee' all the way to home. The GEICO Commercials piggy videos, songs, scripts, and ringtones can be watched and downloaded from video sharing website. The GEICO Commercial narrators are mostly performed by celebrities. The prominent among them are Charo, James Lipton, Burt Bacharach, Charlie Daniels, R. Lee Ermey, Joan Rivers and Peter Frampton.

For more details visit their official website.


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