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Genworth Premium

Genworth Premium rates are available online on the organization's authentic website It basically gives a quick guide to the company's premium rates:
  • Standard Premium Rate Chart
  • Business for Self (Alt. A)
  • Vacation Homes (Type B)
  • Second Mortgages
  • Extended Amortization Surcharge
Genworth products are made up of mortgage insurance with the mortgage insurance calculator available and accessible as a tool online. It provides services for brokers, lenders, realtors, and builders. Apart from insurance and mortgage, it provides investments.

Genworth Premium Single Deferred Annuity

Genworth Premium Single Deferred Annuity is for those individuals who want fixed rate of return, secured way to save for retirement, predictable income during retirement, protection of principal and tax deferred growth.
Overall, clients can choose to access up to 10 per cent of their contract value during the contract year. There is maximum of 12 withdrawals per contract year. This service is provided by Genworth Life Insurance Company, Lynchburg in Virginia.

The lifetime FlexPlus is a flexible adjustable life insurance policy designed for those who seek affordable financial protection for their families or businesses. It offers a nine-year surrender charge period, chargers including seven per cent charge for each premium paid in addition to a monthly administrative fee.

Genworth Premium LTC Increase

Late 2010, there was likely to be Genworth Premium LTC Increase. The increase was because the percentage of policyholders in the blocks who had let policies lapse has been lower than expected. It had been highlighted that policyholders who did not want to pay the higher premiums would be offered the option of reducing the daily it amount permitted under the policy. It was also said to offer a limited non-forfeiture option which would provide a paid-up policy with benefits equal to the total amount of premium paid.

Those seeking more information can have a look at its website.


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