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Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance is one of the 24-hour services it offers to its dear and valued clients and customers. Roadside Assistance is a service provided to a motorist whose vehicle has a breakdown or mechanical failure on the roadway. Roadside service is usually offered with insurance policy (a motorist's full coverage). Emergency roadside assistance covers may problems a driver might experience on the roadway. These include flat tire, mechanical failures, being locked out, out of fuel or dead battery. In such situations, contractors of the roadside service company will come out to the car and assist in taking care of the problem. As highlighted on,
the measures they take to assist the driver will depend upon what the problem is. Overall, roadside assistance insurance provides basic help for things that go wrong on the road. Typical coverage includes emergency roadside assistance and towing if needed. As stated on
teen-auto-insurance/teen-auto-insurance-benefits/roadside-assistance, if the concerned teen driver's vehicle ever breaks down, they will not be left stranded. From a jump-start to a tow, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company's optional 24-hour roadside assistance coverage will get them moving again, arrangements will also be made.
The 24-hour roadside assistance ensures the tow is completely covered, regardless of the distance traveled.

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Auto Insurance's standard policy features and benefits are inclusive of:
  • After-hours policy service
  • 24-hour claims reporting
  • Convenient premium payment options including electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  • Emergency roadside assistance
It also comprises of auto valet service providing coordination and arrangements for many of the special needs following the breakdown of a covered vehicle just by making one phone call. There is the benefit of unlimited towing. If towing and labor coverage is purchased for the auto policy, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company may cover the cost of the tow if the Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance arranges for the tow to the nearest Liberty approved repair facility. Then there is the new car replacement. This is no depreciation adjustment if the car is fully insured and is totaled within the first 12-months of ownership and within the first 15,000 miles.

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Reviews

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Reviews can be accessed on A reviewer from California has written that he believes Liberty Mutual Insurance Company is a great company. A Nora from New Jersey writes she hit a pole one time and wrecked the truck with the whole front been being damaged. She went online and filed a claim with Liberty Mutual and was contacted the following day.She was told to get the vehicle to any repair shop. The quote of the repairs was more expensive then the truck. When the adjuster visited she was told that the truck was totaled. The company asked if any improvements on the truck had been made and asked for the receipts. She says Liberty Mutual Insurance Company was efficient and professional. She got an adequately priced check in two weeks with her annual premium increasing by $90. Overall, she says Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance offers quick service and fast claims.

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance Phone Number

Liberty Mutual Roadside Assistance emergency phone number is 1-800-426-9898. This line is of use to policyholders who have purchased towing and labor coverage. This is also a 24-hour number. The emergency number can be accessed online and is accessible to policyholders at anytime of the day. The policyholders can call in inform them what has happened and also about the extent of damage caused to their vehicles. The emergency number contact person will get on their cases as soon as possible with a great service. The policyholders are their number one priority.

For more information, you can check out the company's website.


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