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MetLife Dental Insurance

MetLife Dental Insurance has a unique coverage options unlike other insurance companies. The Metropolitan Life Insurance Company entirely focuses on the well being of citizens in terms of health and financially sound individuals. The citizens, who buy MetLife dental policies can experience the healthy living and protect themselves and their families against the increasing rates and costs of dental care. MetLife offers both individual and group policies for the convenience of the citizens with several benefit plans such as DHMO and PPO or PDP in the entire nation. The Plan participants can avail benefits from the servicing PDP dentists or out of network dentists. The firm has a group of professional dentists and doctors which include Oral Surgeons, Orthodontics, Pedodontists and many more. Participants can also go for various treatments like oral surgery, x-rays, root implants, etc.

MetLife is a globally well known financial holding company, which offers a wide range of insurance and financial products. The varieties of insurance products include Auto, Life, Home, Disability Income and Dental Insurance. They also provide annuities, retirement and investment products including banking services. MetLife has more than 90 millions customers from 60 countries.

MetLife Dental Insurance Providers

The MetLife policyholders participate in any dental plans can select the providers through online tool from a 'Find a Provider' link available on their website after selecting the types of plans enrolled by the consumers. MetLife Dental benefits are provided by SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc., which is an affiliate of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. The MetLife dental insurance coverage options include 25% fee discounts from normal rate, no waiting periods, maximums, claim forms or deductibles.

The customers, who have any complaints about the MetLife dental plans and services, and willing to get more information about MetLife Dental Insurance can contact the Customer Service representative at 800-936-0324. Clients can also sign up by filling a form to be contacted by the MetLife Rep to receive answers for their questions and explanation for dental insurance basic plan.

The unemployed youths and citizens willing to work in MetLife can apply for various jobs including agents, adjusters, analysts, etc., by searching from their jobs listing branches. At present, MetLife insurance jobs are available in Dallas TX, San Diego CA, San Francisco CA, and many more.

MetLife Dental Insurance Individuals

MetLife has dental insurance plans for individuals and group including for seniors, family, small business, etc. The dental policy is available in different states of the US like Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Texas, and so on. The firm provides Dental HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) and PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plans for the citizens within the country. Moreover, there is certain limitation like individual DHMO plans are usable in CA, FL, and TX only, which is provided by the domestic company, SafeGuard Health Plans, Inc.

The MetLife dental insurance mailing address to submit dental claims is given below.

P.O. Box 981282
El Paso,  TX 79998-1282.

The customers having MyBenefits online account can sign in with the secure login secret code to view the dental claims status. MetLife Dental Plan is the most sought plans by the Federal Employees because of high annual maximum, more dentist locations and better coverage. Interested consumers can contact their client service phone number at 1-888-865-6854 through Monday to Friday between 8:00 A.M - 11:00 P.M. EST. The hearing impaired (TDD) customers can dial 1-888-260-5376.

For further information about MetLife dental insurance quote, card and review customers can log in to their authentic website.


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