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MetLife Life Insurance

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is the biggest life insurer in the USA. The firm is also a leading insurance and financial services provider with over 90 millions customers from more than 60 countries. MetLife is a globally well known financial holding company having its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, NY. MetLife Life Insurance CO provides different types of policies that will suits the needs of every citizen. Apart from offering numerous policies, MetLife also provides varieties of financial products and services, such as investments, retirement, annuities, mutual funds & brokerage with banking products like loans, mortgages, IRAs, CDs, etc.

MetLife Life Insurance can broadly be classified into Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance. The following is a list of some of the important types of policies offered by them.
  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Policy
  • Variable & Universal Life Insurance Policies
  • Survivorship Life Insurance Policy
The mentioned above policies has several benefits and coverage options, such as funding of child's education, payout funeral ceremony expenses, paying household debt, and many more at the time of policyholders' death.
MetLife polices also has certain exclusions, limitations, etc, like other insurance policies for more details policyholders can contact the MetLife Representatives.

MetLife Life Insurance Policy

MetLife Life Insurance policy has several coverage options design especially for you to fit your needs. Buying policies from MetLife can be the right decision for you, as they offer a wide array of life insurance solutions that will give benefit and protect your near and dear ones. MetLife insurance policy is a must for every household in the United States and other countries (where the firm operates its business) as it will be a part of savings their assets to bring smile in the family. The firm has various types of policies for different reasons and purposes. The inexperienced citizens can use calculator or approach the MetLife Life Insurance Agents or Financial Advisors from the nearest branch locations to get help and support while choosing the policies.

The policyholders can find the agents and office branches with the online locator tool available on the home page of their official website. MetLife Life Insurance premium is allowed to pay through a secure online system. Online payment is most convenient method as it save time and money. The mailing address for payment of MetLife life insurance is given below.

Term Life, Universal Life and Whole Life Policies

PO Box 371487
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7487

Variable Life Policies

PO Box 371351
Pittsburgh, PA 15250-7351

MetLife Life Insurance Quotes

MetLife Life Insurance Quotes are easy to obtain through 'Get a Quote' link available on the homepage of company's web site. The online tool is a free and it can help the clients to get quotes at an instant. Moreover, the policyholders should fill-up the require information in the given box to avail the rates and quotes for Life Insurance.

MetLife Life Insurance policyholders, who have any questions and problems and would like to complaints about the products and services, can contact the Customer Service phone number at 1-800-MET-LIFE/1-800-638-5433.

MetLife Life Insurance Claim

MetLife Life Insurance claim can be done in various ways, say through online, in person and over phone. But the most convenient and easiest method to file claims is through phone. First of all, clients should call at 1-800-MET-LIFE (1-800-638-5433) from Monday through Friday between 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. EST. Likewise, in the case of death claim too, beneficiaries can contact the MetLife Representative if not through phone in the above given number.

The MetLife Life Insurance forms including beneficiary form, surrender and claim forms can be obtained from 'Forms Library' link available on the bottom of the homepage of their official website.

For further information about MetLife life insurance underwriter, fund value, rating and reviews, jobs and application process citizens can log in to their authentic website.


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