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Phoenix Claims

Phoenix Claims department has an in-house claims coordinator which looks into the reports and claims made by the clients and customers. Claims or insurance claims are basically the actual application for benefits provided by the insurance company. Policy holders must file for an insurance claim before any money can be distributed to the policy holders themselves or the repair agency, hospital or other contracted service. It can also be stated that the insurance company may or may not approve the claim based on the company's own assessment of the circumstances. As stated in, the insurance claim is filed with a local representative of the insurance company, whereby it becomes the responsibility of the agent to investigate the specific details of the claim made by the client or customer.

Phoenix Insurance Company has a 24-hour claims service report phone number which is known as the emergency beeper. The number is:

Emergency Beeper Phone: 336-721-6782

At Phoenix, most of the claims are settled quickly through the Consultants Ltd. The customer and client in turn also have to respond promptly to any communication they receive from the insurance company as this will speed up the claims process.
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Phoenix Claims Jobs

Phoenix Claims Jobs can be contacted on:

The Phoenix Company
1396 Westgate Center Dr
P.O. Box 26396
Winston Salem, NC 27114-6396
Phone Number: (336) 765-9332
Fax Number: (336) 765-7141

The jobs offered by Phoenix Insurance Company include management, adjuster and processing jobs, claims executive jobs, medical claims, clerical, call center, property & casualty claims, life & health as well as auto claims. Phoenix Claims Adjusting LLC also offers jobs and employment opportunities. You can also get openings in Phoenix Claims Ltd which is in Eastbourne in UK.

Phoenix Claims Consulting Group

Phoenix Claims Consulting Group commonly known as the Phoenix Claims & Consulting Group LLC is a public adjusting firm. This is in the business of protecting the rights of the policy holders. It processes new, supplemental and pending claims and claims that had previously been denied. The Phoenix Claims Consulting Group looks at the claims and also discovers errors as well as makes the proper adjustments before a settlement is issued. For more details, you can go through and call on 888-724-7224 if you have any enquiries.

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