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Progressive Flo

The Progressive Flo is one of the most watch commercial ads by the citizens. Flo is the Progressive Girl acted in several commercial ads. She is the spokeswoman of Progressive Auto Insurance. It is the name of a fictional character, who speaks the benefits of the Progressive Insurance. This fictional character called Flo debuted in 2008. So far, she has appeared in 53 commercial advertisements.

Stephanie Courtney is the real name of Progressive Flo, who acts at present. She is an American actress and comedian who have appeared in some of the popular TV series like Mad Men, Caveman, etc. Most of her Progressive commercial videos have a unique perky wig or hairstyle with white apron, name tag, huge makeup, etc. The Progressive Flo fans often tag her as hot chick, awesome and some said annoying, and so on.

Citizens who like the Progressive lady can follow her on the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Many of her fans are fond of huge makeup and Flo Halloween Costume.

Progressive Flo Commercials

The Progressive Flo commercials are still going on extensively on TV, radio and web banners. Their commercial advertisements are very popular and most of the Progressive products are merchandise after they make aware to the people. The company has started its mass campaign and promotion of their insurance policy after the creation of their popular fictional character Flo through TV commercials.This company has made aware to the citizens about the values of their policies like health, home, renters, auto or car insurance, etc. They also have insurance Flo commercial quotes video.

The Progressive Insurance Company contests with other companies for providing better policy and service with the right coverage options. This makes aware to the citizens through their Flo commercial advertisement. They have several commercial videos such as Flo Progressive House Episode, her dancing, bobblehead doll, with her twin sister Jo, etc that are uploaded on the Youtube. Anyone, who is interested in its commercial videos, images or Flo Pictures, can be downloaded from their official website or online video sharing site on Youtube.

For further information about Progressive Flo salary and quotes visit their authentic website.


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