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Prudential Benefits

Prudential Benefits are open to customers, members of the organization as well those interested in the products and services of the company. Prudential Benefits center offers an insight into group insurance, retirement and relocation services. Looking at group insurance, Prudential has a strong focus on long term care insurance. It offers investment management, communications, education and cutting edge-technology to meet the retirement planning hurdles. The company offers benefits through its relocation services managing the corporate and employee relocation needs. The organization looks into the benefits of employees, employer and producer.

Overall, Prudential is the largest Financial Institutions in the US with its head office in Newark New Jersey. It has offices in more than 30-states in America and also has branches in overseas countries.

Prudential Benefits Long Term Disability

Prudential Benefits Long Term Disability benefits the consumer and his or her family as whole. The benefits assist in safeguarding the ability to earn an income. The policy helps in replacing a portion of the income if the person concerned becomes disabled. It is cost effective as the rates are less expensive than individual coverage.

It's easy in the sense that premiums are automatically deducted from the paycheck. Prudential helps in getting the consumer (disability my) get back to work via its rehabilitation programs. For more details log onto All this is issued by Prudential Insurance Company of America.

Prudential Benefits Death Claim Form

Prudential Benefits Death Claim Form is available through the group insurance division. The group life insurance beneficiary statement should be completed by each beneficiary. The form must be filled in and submitted with the required documents to:

The Prudential Insurance Company of America
Group Life Claim Division
P.O. Box 8517
Philadelphia, PA 19176

For further details and enquiries, you can call on 1-800-524-0542.

Also, log onto the organization's official web portal.


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