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Prudential Claims

Prudential Claims number handles the assortment reported by its clients and customers in regards to their policies and products. The claims department is known for its immediate feedback to the consumers. Prudential Claims responds within 24-hours to the report of claim being filed in its various divisions. Basically, claims of t are he company a formal request to an insurance company, in this case its Prudential; asking for a payment based on the terms of the concerned insurance policy. Insurance claims are evaluated by the company for their validity. The claimant is paid once it has been approved. Moreover, claims cover everything from death benefits on life insurance policies t health exams. In most of the cases, assertions are filed by third parties on behalf of the insured person. There are also employment opportunities in the division for examiner in Plano Texas. The examiner salary is accordingly to the years of experience the person has.

Prudential Claims Number

The Prudential claims phone number or contact for disability claims which falls under the division of Products for businesses and organizations is:

Long Term and Short Term Disability Claims 1-800-842-1718

Through Peak Protection - Group Disability and Leave Services, members have access to their claim status information 24/7. Members having a claim with Prudential can register to access the online services on

Prudential Claims Form

Prudential Claims form can be downloaded from the company's official website. The forms are in PDF format and can be accessed on The forms can be filled in after downloaded and mailed to the address which is given on the form itself. There are various types of forms:

Disability and Absence Claims
  • Initial Claim Package for Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability
  • Social Security Authorization
  • Medical Authorization
  • Address Verification
  • Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability Claimant Statement
  • Life Claims
The organization's disability operations issued an update description of the claims procedure five years ago. This applies to group short term disability and long term disability claims. It has been stated in the update that when a short term or long term disability claim is considered to have been filed and restates their current process for determining benefits as well as for processing of appeals of adverse claim determinations.

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