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Prudential Mutual Funds

Prudential Mutual Funds assist clients investing money for their future and the benefit of their families as a whole. Prudential Financial describes mutual funds as an investment company that collects money from shareholders. This is invested in a broad portfolio of securities. A specialized assortment executive looks after money that is put into a mutual fund. Moreover, fund shares can be settled upon request any day that the stock market is open. Deals for mutual funds can be done in writing via phone and the internet login into their accounts. Overall, mutual funds are managed by professionals who utilize a strategy to meet the objectives. Fund personnel; fund managers select investments based on the mutual fund's objective such as current income and growth. There are about more than 7000 mutual funds available. This ranges from aggressive to defensive. The forms and prospectus are available online

Prudential Mutual Funds Services

Prudential Mutual Funds, services its customers and clients with various types of products. This includes different types of mutual funds which are:

  • Stock Funds: Also known as equity funds. This provides growth of capital via equity investments.
  • Money Market Funds: Invests in short-term obligations made up by groups of local Governments including banks, large corporations, federal Government etc.
  • Balanced Funds: This invests in common stocks preferred hoards and bonds in an effort for high returns with less instability.
  • Bond Funds: Provides current income by putting in the US Government, group or municipal debt obligations.
This is provided by Pruco Securities, IIC, and Prudential Investment Management Services.

Prudential Mutual Funds Phone Number

Prudential Mutual Funds Phone Number is available Mondays to Friday from 8am to 6pm. The Mutual Fund Service Center phone number is 800-225-1852. The division's mailing address is as follows:

Prudential Mutual Fund Services LLC
P.O. Box 9658
Providence, RI 02940

Advisor login, mutual fund, annuity account login is:

It should be noted that ICIC Prudential offers mutual fund in India.

It is advisable for those looking for further details about the company to login to its website.


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