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Prudential Pension

Prudential Pension is offered by the Prudential Insurance Company of America with its headquarters in Newark New Jersey. The organization believes that healthy pensions mean stronger and more competitive companies. It states that this eventually leads to a more vibrant economy. In general pension is an arrangement providing members with an income when they are no longer earning or employed. Basically, pension describes the payments a person receives upon retirement.

Prudential Pension Risk Transfer

Prudential Pension Risk Transfer services offer innovative strategies. This consists of portfolio protected buyout, traditional buyout, portfolio protected buy in and reinsurance strategies. The organization recently expanded its product platform to provide enhanced participant security, meet the needs of well and underfunded plans as well as create a path to pension plan de-risking. Its portfolio features are made of:

Buy out - settles pension liabilities with enhanced participant security
Buy in - allows underfunded plans to transfer risk without significantly impacting funding levels.

Overall, these strategies aspect shielded separate accounts to safeguard assets.

Prudential Pension Analyst

Prudential Pension Analyst gives details on the latest rigid information that may affect the consumer's plan. Some of the issues looked into by the analyst are of the following subjects:
  • PBGC provides extended deadlines in disaster relief situations
  • Compliance checklist 2011 - for plans that are subject to ERISA
  • Additional expenses qualify for safe harbor hardship withdrawals
  • Tribal court domestic relations orders may be qualified DROs
  • IRS provides guidance for terminating 403 (b) plans
The analyst advises members of the issues and problems and also looks into their concerns or grievances. This can be accessed by login at

Prudential Pension Contact

Prudential Pension Contact varies from department to department as each department handles a particular aspect of it. The following are the numbers:

General Information 1-877-778-2100
Retirement Counselors 1-877-778-2100
Bank Services 1-888-244-6295
Executive Benefits 1-866-824-4636
Current and Potential Plan Sponsors 1-800-353-2847
Actuarial, Investment and Regulatory Counseling Services 860-534-7588
Advisors & Consultants 1-800-353-2847
Executive Benefits 1-866-824-4636
Stable Value 732-482-5000
Pension Risk Transfer 860-534-2440

More information in regards to Prudential Pension contact can be accessed at:

Prudential Pension Plan

Prudential Pension Plan is funded by a sponsor who also makes the investment decisions. The participants of this plan are usually 100 per cent vested when they reach a specified age. They are eligible to collect benefits under the program based on their age and years of service. The benefits are calculated through a formula with the benefits being paid in the form of a monthly income. Members can plan login

Those interested in more information about Prudential can check out its official website.


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