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Selective Insurance Claims

Selective Insurance Claims can be reported at
Claims/CSS/CSS_RAC_Qs/CSS_Public_Qs.aspx. Selective's claims service center is in operation 24/7 at 1-866-455-9969. One can always find a representative here ready to assist with their claim process. For bonds claims, the policy holder can call on the phone number 1-800-777-9656 and for flood claims, one can call on 1-877-348-0552. For other claims, the policy holder has to tell the company about the type of claim they wish to report by providing the date the incident occurred.

Overall, Selective Insurance Company provides property and casualty insurance products and services in the United States of America through its subsidiaries. Its subsidiaries are Selective Insurance Company of Southeast and Selective Insurance Company of South Carolina. The organization operates in two segments that is insurance operations which sells property and casualty insurance policies and products and investments which invests the premiums collected by insurance operations. It derives the income in three ways; underwriting income from insurance operations, net investment income from investments and net realized gains and losses on investment securities from the investments segment. The Company generates income from investing insurance premiums from the time they are collected until the time it needs to expenditures, such as paying loss and loss expenses, underwriting expenses, equity and debt offering obligations, and policyholder dividends.
Realized gains and losses from the investment portfolios of its seven insurance subsidiaries (Insurance Subsidiaries) and the Parent are the result of sales, maturities, calls, and redemptions. They also include write downs from other-than-temporary impairments.

Selective Insurance Claims NJ

Selective Insurance Claims NJ offers job openings from time to time. Currently there are vacant positions for adjuster, supervisor, department administrator and manager. For more openings, you can check out NJ is also where the way company headquarters is located. Its address is as follows:

Selective Insurance Company
40 Wantage Avenue
Branchville NJ 07890
Phone Number: 973-948-3000
Fax Number: 973-948-5721

Selective Insurance Claims Auto

Selective Insurance Claims Auto is handled by the company's subsidiaries that are Selective Auto Insurance Company of New Jersey. The Co of NJ is established in Branchville NJ with the phone number being 973-948-3000. People can also call on the same number for quote. Claims can be lodged or reported via Once a report has been made, it is entered into Selective's claims system and assigned to a claims professional. The claims professional will review basic claim information including the facts of the loss, loss location and coverage information for an initial assessment of the claim. The claims professional will then contact the claimant usually within 24-hours of business, if additional information is needed to process one's claim. Once the investigation is complete, the claims professional will evaluate all details surrounding the loss. Upon completion of the claims evaluation, Selective Insurance will send the claimant a letter explaining whether or not the claim qualifies for coverage under the policy and if so, the type and amount of coverage available.

Selective Insurance Claims Flood

Selective Insurance Claims Flood information can be accessed at The flood claims guide was created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) which oversees the National Flood Insurance Program to help policy holders through the process of filing a claim and appealing the decision on their claim if necessary. Once the incident occurs, the policy holder is advised to contact their agent or company representative to report loss, and then they should separate their property and make a list of damaged content. It has been stated that generally, the adjuster will contact the policy holder within 24 to 48-hours after receiving the notice of loss.

People interested in knowing more about the company can have a look at


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