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State Farm Florida

State Farm of Florida provides a wide range of insurance and financial products and services to meet the needs of every citizen. Their insurance and financial products are tailored to fit for each and every individual. The State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company is the leading auto and home insurers in the nation having its corporate headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois. The firm also shares an equivalent volume in the Florida State too.

The State Farm in Florida offers the following insurance policies, such as Health, Condos, Life, Homeowners, Life and Auto Insurance including annuities. The citizens willing to purchase any policy can contact the agents or representatives from a nearby agency to select the policy that has a right coverage options. According to their recent news and press releases on February 11, 2011, the firm along with National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) made a huge campaign on care driving for the Florida motorists. The firm is also put a massive headline in the province for statewide rate increase in auto insurance.The State Farm of Florida sponsors Florida Classic, a popular football game.

State Farm Florida Insurance Company

The State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company announces its subsidiary, Florida Insurance Company to pull out the property insurance from the province. The reason for leaving or dropping of property market policy from Florida is that they can't raise enough premiums to offset the hurricane risks. State Farm of Florida has several branch offices located in various towns, counties and cities like Davie, Hialeah, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Largo, Melbourne, Miami, Fort Myers, Naples, Panama City, Pensacola, Tampa, Orlando, Jacksonville, Hernando, Winter Haven, and many more.

State Farm Credit Union Florida location and regional office address is given below.

7401 Cypress Gardens Boulevard
Winter Haven, FL 33888-0007
Phone Number: 863-318-3859
Facsimile: 863-318-4440
Toll Free: 800-307-3136

State Farm Florida Homeowners Insurance

State Farm Florida Homeowners Insurance and Auto Insurance are the most sought policies in the entire province. Both the policies have discounts and a superior coverage options, and receive a good credit rating from consumers, specialists and agencies.

The State Farm Florida auto insurance has discounts for car insurance policyholders and has coverage like deductibles, liability lawsuit, roadside assistance, and lots more. The customers can also look for Renters, Life or Health Insurance having better plans.

State Farm Florida Claims

State Farm Florida claims office and phone number can easily be found out by using the online locator tool. Moreover, the customers should enter the postal/zip code in the empty box to avail the nearest locations and most accurate data being searched for. Here is a State Farm Florida claims office.

Auto Claims

5404 Cypress Center Drive
Tampa, FL 33609
Phone Number: 800-879-2435
Fax Number: 800-627-4023

Homeowners Claims

3862 Quadrangle Blvd, Ste 100
Orlando, FL 32817
Telephone: 800-491-4138
Facsimile: 800-497-4137

The State Farm agents that are available at various locations can help the clients for cancellations and file claims. State Farm of Florida provides a bright future careers and jobs to the qualified applicants. They most recruit jobs from two Florida Zone Operations Centers at Winter Haven Operations Center and Jacksonville Operations Center. Interested person can dial at their job line at 888- 281-5809.

For more details visit their authentic website.


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