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State Farm Guy

The State Farm Guy helps to promote and launch of its products and services on TV channels and other video sharing website like YouTube. The company is in a mass campaign to promote their products in the market through TV and other sources. Most of the State Farm Insurance and financial products are commercialized with the leading guys, ladies, models, artists, and others without discrimination on ethnicity. The firm has various commercial ads, such as annoying guy walking to the Cafe, singing in a car, sitting in a big house, etc.

The State Farm commercial ads also have guys and girls from other ethnic group that are shown in other languages like Mandarin, Spanish, etc. Anyone can view the videos of State Farm Guy commercial ads, which was uploaded on YouTube and other video sharing web site. The citizens can approach to the agency available at different locations to purchase policy. Guy Thompson is a State Farm agent from Orlando, Florida.

State Farm Commercial Guy

The role of State Farm Commercial Guy has been played by many actors. Some of the ads are featured by hot guys and girls about the insurance and other financial products including car and house insurance policies offered by them.

Eddie Matos is one of the leading actors that cast in the 2010 commercial ads including All My Children and other advertisements from firm. He is a cute guy with dimples and looks like Tom Cruise (handsome Hollywood actor). They also allow the black guy, woman, model and artist to be part of State Farm commercial mass campaign. The name of black actress, who casts in State Farm advertisements, is Selita Ebanks.

The viewers have complaints of State Farm Commercial guy as creepy, annoying and give a comment like he is a douchebag, etc.

State Farm Jingle

State Farm Jingle is a part of their commercial ads. The State Farm jingle was written by American song writer Barry Manilow. Their popular jingle 'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there' is a common theme, where the company's commercial ads are based on. The firm has uploaded this theme on video sharing site. Citizens can download the lyrics, MP3 or ringtone, if they like to listen to it.

Find more information about State Farm Jingle Xbox 360 and game visit their authentic website.


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