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The Hartford Disability Insurance

The Hartford Disability Insurance policy brought by Hartford Insurance Company is of two types. The first one is voluntary short-term and the second one is long term disability insurance. This package looks after the welfare of the policy holder and their family as a whole securing their lives and their future as a whole. Looking at the first type that is voluntary short term disability coverage pays benefit to the policy holder in the event when the concerned person is not able to work because of a covered illness, problems such as injury or pregnancy. This replaces a portion of their income. The long term disability insurance pays a monthly benefit to the member in the event of no work for up to six months as per the coverage. This benefit alternates a portion of the income assisting in meeting the financial commitment. Hartford is the leading provider in disability services.

The Hartford Disability Insurance Claims

The Hartford Disability Claims can be filed by calling on the contact or phone number 866-712-3443. You can call here for claim complaints also. To report a claim, you must have the following information available at hand:
  • Name, address, phone number
  • State agency you work for
  • Nature of the claim
  • Your treating physician's name, address, phone number
With the above information you can call on the phone number stated above. Claims can also be filed online via,24/7.

The Hartford Disability Insurance Program

The Hartford Disability Insurance Program looks into the needs of its clients namely employers & businesses, employees & consumers as well as producers & consultants. The program looked into fund-raising for the US Paralympics. It also calculates the interested person's coverage needs through its calculator tool on

The Hartford Disability Insurance Review

The Hartford Disability Review can be found on insurance forums and blogs online made by satisfied customers and clients. Hartford Insurance Company is one of the largest insurance providers in the United States of America having offices and branches in nearly all the states as well as internationally. It provides insurance policies as well as financial packages and solutions to business, organizations and individuals. Its products and services are also custom or tailor made upon the request and demand of it client.

If you are looking for more information, it is advisable to check out the company's web portal.


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