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The Hartford Life Insurance

The Hartford Life Insurance covers the policy holder as well as his or her family as a whole. A life insurance policy gives annual premiums for the security of the whole family. The objective of this coverage is to provide death benefit protection. This goes onto provide short and long term death benefit protection, continue as well as protect business, substitute lost income in an event of death and transfer wealth through estate planning. Anyone interested in the policy can apply from one. It can be anyone with a young family, business owners wanting a growth in their business, young couples and wealthy individuals etc.

Hartford provides three types of life insurances:
  • Universal Life
  • Term/Whole Life
  • Variable Life Insurance
Overall, permanent life insurance offers a valuable death benefit at a time of loss and need. Basically, it is a sound financial plan. Hartford Insurance Co highly regarded for its products and services has been receiving good ratings and reviews from its customers.

The Hartford Life Insurance Company

The Hartford Life Insurance Company is located in Minneapolis (MN). The company states that without proper life insurance, a great change in lifestyle might be needed to meet up to the expenses. Hartford provides life insurance coverage through:

The Hartford Life Insurance Company
500 Bielenberg Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125

The company has different phone numbers to its various life policies:

Hartford Variable Life Policies 1-800-231-5453
Hartford Traditional Life Policies 1-800-243-5433
Fortis Policies 1-800-800-2000

The company's life insurance police offer protection, beneficiary designations, cash value & performance, supplementary benefits as well as annual premiums.

The Hartford Life Insurance Annuities

Hartford Life Insurance Annuities forms can be found online on
For Hartford Investor Annuity Contract Access, customers will have to log in with their user id and password to proceed further. The annuity customer care center can be contacted at 1-800-862-6668. There are three types of annuities, namely, fixed, income and variable. Overall, an annuity is a bond which the individual agrees to pay premiums to an insurance company. In return, he or she receives a usual stream of income compensations from the issuer.

The Hartford Life Insurance Customer Service

The Hartford Life Insurance Customer Service is highly regarded for its prompt service. The customer service looks into enquires and queries of the consumers. The customer service also provides quotes in regards to certain policies and policies. Moreover, it looks into claims and reports of claims. The customer service provides solutions for businesses, agents and financial professionals as well as individuals & families. Overall, it gives interactive and product information.

For more information, log on to the Hartford website.


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