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The Standard Claims

The Standard Claims department goes through all the claims filed and lodged by its clients and customers. An insurance claim is the actual application for benefits provided by an insurance company. Policy holders must first file an insurance claim before any money can be disbursed to the hospital or other contracted service. The insurance company may or may not approve the claim based on their assessment of the circumstances. As highlighted on, individuals who take out life, health or automobile insurance policies must maintain regular payments called premiums to the insurers. Most of the time, these premiums are used to settle another person's insurance claim or to build up the available assets of the insurance company. In general the insurance claim is filed with a local representative of the insurance company. The agent or adjuster becomes responsible for investigating the specific details and process of the insurance claim and negotiating the payment from the main insurers. For Standard Insurance Company filing claim information is available on This is for group insurance claim that is disability, life and waiver of life premium.

The Standard Claims Life Insurance Address

The Standard Claims Life Insurance Address is:

The Standard Insurance Company
Life Benefits Department
P.O. Box 2800
Portland OR 97208
Phone Number: 800-628-8600

Claims form can be accessed at
/en_SIC_public/home/homecontent/forms_employers. The claims department can be contacted on 877-276-6616. It should be noted that there are companies by the name of Security Life and Mutual Insurance which are not associated with Standard Insurance Company in any way. Tricare also has nothing to do with this organization and the Tricare Address can be found on the internet.

For more details about the company, login on:


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