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Travelers Homeowners Insurance

Travelers Homeowners Insurance is provided under the category of home insurance. This policy provides protection coverage for the whole house and its contents. It basically covers the damage of the house's physical structure, damages to other structure of the house for example the garage and temporary living expenses. It also covers the policy holder's personal belongings as well as their personal liability. Travelers Insurance offers homeowners insurance according to the needs and wants of its customers and clients. It offers the policy at the best competitive costs and rates. It should be noted that the policy is also designed accordingly as the customer desires that is the company tailor makes the policy as per the request of its clients. Homeowners' insurance quote can be accessed through the phone by calling on 1-888-695-4625.

Moreover, apart from the policies, Travelers Homeowners Insurance provides tips for home safety and maintenance such as grilling safety, winter weather preparation, pool safety, home maintenance guide, lawnmower safety, and space heater safety etc. Travelers Insurance Company subsidiary, Travelers of Florida also provides homeowners insurance policy.

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Claims

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Claims provides a team of skilled claim professionals to look into the clients claim reports. The division's claims department is made up of specialists, loss prevention managers, investigators and legal professionals. The team looks into the claims report and complaints of the clients and gets back to them with a feedback within 24-hours. The claims department is highly recognized for its great customer service. Satisfied customers leave behind their ratings and reviews in appreciation of the company's services.

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Phone Number

Travelers Homeowners Insurance Phone Number connects the customer to the company and the company to its customers. The following are the phone numbers for its various division in the homeowners insurance:

Homeowners Insurance Quote 888-695-4625
Billing & Policy 800-842-5075
Status of Claim 800-252-4633
Report Claim 800-252-4633
General Information 866-336-2077

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