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Travelers Marine

Travelers Marine is categorized under the division of Business -> Specialized Risks. Over the year, Travelers Insurance Company has been highly regarded as the leading provider of ocean marine insurance. The organization has a wide-ranging product portfolio of recovery and claim expert as well as in-house risk control. Its address is:

Travelers Marine Service, Inc
215 Hudson Ave
Freeport NY 11520
Phone Number: (516) 868-1193

The company has been offering Travelers Marine Insurance for the past 160-years. Besides marine insurance, Travelers In Company offers auto, health, life, property & casualty and home insurance.

Travelers Marine Insurance Company

Travelers Marine Insurance falling under Travelers Insurance Company provides boat and yacht insurance. The company has developed specific marine coverage to help meet the needs and wants of the policy holders.
Its policies covers damage to personal property on the boat, liability for bodily injury, gas delivery, towing & assistance and physical damage caused by a collision with a immersed object or another vessel. Travelers Marine Insurance also has a yacht policy providing coverage for boats 26-feet and longer with inclusive options and service.

Travelers Marine Ocean Insurance

Travelers Marine Ocean Insurance provides a range of ocean marine products. Its products are:
  • Bumbershoot Plus and Excess Marine Liability
  • Cargo Elite
  • Marine Liabilities and Marine General Liability
  • Ocean Express
  • Luxury Yacht
  • Custom Cargo
  • Marine Property & Casualty
  • Builder's Risk
It also includes commercial hull and protection & indemnity, overseas coverage for US companies, and shipwright policy. For ocean marine contact details you can access

Travelers Marine Claims

Travelers Marine Claims looks into a wide range of marine coverage. It offers protection for all forms of marine transportation. Travelers Insurance Company has a dedicated team of claims professionals who look into the claims reports. They handle the following claims:
  • Marine General Liability Claims
  • Protection and Indemnity Claims
  • Ocean Hull Claims
  • Salvage and Subrogation for Ocean Marine Claims
  • Yachts, Charter and Pleasure Boats
They also look into ocean cargo claims, fixed marine facilities such as ports, marinas, terminals and vessel builders as well as general average & particular average claims.

Those looking for more information can go through the organization's official website.


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