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Travelers Personal

Travelers Personal offers a number of products and services to its clients locally and internationally as well. This is provided by Travelers Personal Insurance Company which was integrated in 1990 and is currently being headed by President Greg Toczydlowski. Its address is:

Travelers Personal Insurance Company
1 Tower Square
Hartford, CT 06183
Phone Number: (860) 277-0111
Toll Free Number: (800) 238-6208

Travelers Personal Insurance Company is a stock and fire & casualty insurance company. The company's products include business, home, auto, aircraft and boat insurance plans. Moreover, it is recognized as a leading provider of property casualty insurance. Travelers Personal Security Insurance Company is also a stock company and a subsidiary of Travelers Insurance Company. Incorporated in 1990, it is a fire & casualty insurance company having $193,382,504 of assets, $2,000,000 of capital and a net surplus of $59,579,434. This ins company is also located in Hartford CT.

Travelers Personal Lines

Travelers Personal Lines business center activities are merged throughout the country. This will create more jobs and employment opportunities. Travelers Personal Lines is consolidating some non-customer facing functions performed at its two business centers that are located in Marlton in New Jersey and Fall River in Massachusetts in USA. There is also insurance Dallas TX. It has been stated that personal lines is combining certain business processing work from its nine centers across the country to three.

Travelers Personal Umbrella

Travelers Personal Umbrella policies are liability insurance policies with very high limits of protection. This is devised for an additional layer of protection above other types of personal liability coverage for example liability shield in homeowners and auto insurance. Travelers Personal Umbrella provides extra cover benefiting the policy holder as well as his or her family at large. It is important as there are certain lifestyle choices that increase the risk of lawsuits and personal umbrella offers cover for it. It should be noted that the company provides other policies such as property insurance, homeowners', health, life and auto insurances too.

Travelers Personal Articles Policy

Travelers Personal Articles Policy offers cover for valuable possessions. This basically provides broad coverage assisting in protecting items whose values exceed the limits of a homeowners' policy. Travelers Personal Articles Policy covers:
  • Computers
  • Golf equipment
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry
  • Musical instruments
  • Silverware
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For those seeking more information, it is advisable to access the organization's official website.


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