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Travelers Surety

Travelers Surety is custom made as per the demand and needs of the clients. Surety can also be said to be a guarantee. In financial terms, it is a promise by the guarantor to suppose responsibility for the debt obligation of a borrower if that borrower fails to pay. As stated in the Wikipedia, the circumstances in which a surety is usually necessary is when the ability of the primary obligor to perform its obligations to the oblige under a contract is in question. It also arises when there is some public or private interest that needs protection from the consequences of the principal's default or delinquency.

Travelers Insurance Company offers bond express. The company has a dedicated team of underwriters and claims representatives assigned for each agency. The bond express is the market choice for high volume and low risk commercial surety bonds. Overall, Travelers is an ins company providing all types of insurance policies. It is also highly regarded for its claims department.

Travelers Surety Bond

A surety bond is one party paying a certain amount if the second party fails to meet their obligation. Travelers Insurance Company offers several types of surety bonds. This is inclusive of:
  • ERISA Fidelity
  • Miscellaneous
  • Utilities
  • Depository Bonds
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Notary
  • Bid , Performance and Payment
  • Lost Instrument
  • Public Officials
The organization also provides contract surety bonds for small to immense projects. For example this includes the refurbishment of the Grand Coulee and the State of Liberty.

Travelers Surety Company of America

Travelers Surety Company of America is located in Hartford Ct. The company is called the Travelers Casualty Co and Surety Company of America. Its address is:

Travelers Casualty and Surety Company of America
Travelers Insurance
1 Tower Square
Hartford, CT 06183-0001
Phone Number: (860) 277-0111

Basically, it is a private company categorized under fire, marine and casualty insurance. The organization was incorporated in Connecticut. Travelers Property and Casualty Company also looks into auto insurance, homeowners insurance etc.

If you are interested in knowing more about the company, login to its website.


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