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Travelers Training

Travelers Training is offered under Travelers Group division of Risk Control. Travelers Insurance Company provides innovative training solutions for businesses, individuals and its employees as well. Travelers training are of the following categories:
  • Employee Safety & Health
  • General Liability
  • Product Safety
  • Safety Administration
  • Project-Injury Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Driver & Vehicle Safety
  • Property/Facility Management
The group believes that education is one of the vital steps an organization can take toward reducing safety risks and controlling costs. Thus, Travelers has developed a range of training resources to assist customers with their training needs. You can find training centers in most of its offices and branches through US.

Travelers Training Program

Travelers Training Program is offered through a number of mediums or means so that it reaches out to its customers and consumers. The program is done via multi-media, classroom, webinars, and online. The classes are facultitated by experienced risk control training specialists. It also involves professionals from Travelers Claim and Legal Department. Some examples of the Travelers Training Program - course are Job Safety Analysis, REACT - Accident Investigation Training, Post Injury Management, Practical Industrial Hygiene and Fleet DOT Update and Insurance Safety Management.

Apart from the program, Travelers Insurance Company offers job opportunities for students - school leavers, professionals and graduates. There are openings as technical adviser, consultant, underwriters, cutomer service officiers and administrative officers.

Travelers Training Insurance and Development

Travelers Training Insurance and Development offers the roots for a strong underwriting career and future. This program is basically known as the Business Insurance Underwriting Professional Development Program. It is a highly structured year long training program. It can be stated to be a combination of training in the local field office and classroom based. This is under the guidance of a manager and mentor. The program participants are hired into the field office and paired with a mentor who guides and assists them throughout the training.

Through the program, participants develop an understanding of business insurance's long and short-term business strtegies designed to achieve growth and profit objectives. The participants go onto graduate managing their own underwriting territory conributing positively to their business unit's plan.

For further details, check out the organization's official website.


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