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Travelers Underwriter

Travelers Underwriter is highly regarded for its policies and packages as per the needs and demands of the customers. An underwriter is basically a company that administers the public issuance and distribution of securities from corporations or other issuing body. The underwriter works closely with the issuing body to determine the offering price of the securities. It can also be said that underwriters receive underwriting fees from their issuing clients. They usually earn profits when selling the underwritten shares to investors.

Travelers Insurance Company is organized into marketing and underwriting groups focusing on products such as excess casualty, national property, ocean marine, oil & gas, construction, technology, agribusiness, national property etc.

Travelers Underwriter Development Program

Travelers Underwriter Development Program is a highly structured training course providing the foundation for a strong underwriting future. This program is commonly known as the Underwriting Professional Development Program (UPDP). Under this, participants are hired and put into a field office where they start off their one year development program.
They learn in a hands-on environment. Through the program, the participants develop an understanding of business insurance's long and short term business strategies. This is designed to achieve growth and profit objectives for the specific business unit.

The development program is an arrangement of local field office as well as classroom based technical and sales training sessions. This is done at the organization's main offices in Hartford, Connecticut, Minnesota and St. Paul.

Travelers Underwriter Jobs

Travelers Underwriter Jobs open up career path for persons interested in joining the organization. The company offers full-time and part-time jobs. Travelers Insurance Company also takes in persons who are interested in the organization but have no prior experience about it whatsoever. They are taken in as trainee and given hands-on or on the job training (trainee job) as well as given trainee salary. The salary for an underwriter trainee ranges from $40K to $60K. For an underwriter, the salary range is from $46K to $73K. You will be able to get this information from Glassdoor.

Job description can be found on Some of the vacant positions include chief information security officer, large property underwriting/officer job, head of learning solutions design & development - claim university job, information systems director etc.

If you are seeking further information, it is advisable for you to have a look at its web portal.


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