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Travelers Workers Compensation

Travelers Workers Compensation insurance provides cover for unforeseen circumstances and incidents that can happen at a workplace. This policy gives protection to the worker or employee and to their family as a whole. Moreover, it is a state legalized system which gives benefits to employees who get injured on the job. This is also applicable to those who develop work-related illness. It covers loss of income for the period of the incident. Workers Compensation is also known as worker's comp. This is basically a type of ins that provides wage replacement along with medical benefits for employees get injured in the work place during working hours.

Travelers Insurance Company provides this policy and the claims handling process is done through TravComp. For more details access,

Travelers Workers Compensation Address

Travelers Compensation Address or insurance claims address is:

Travelers Insurance Company
1 Tower Square 4GS
Hartford, CT 06183-9079
Phone Number: 860-954-2382

Travelers Workers Compensation Claims

Travelers Workers Compensation Claims is processed through its specialist division which looks into and handles all workers compensation claims. This is done through TravComp which is a patented workers compensation claims handling unit. Outlined below is the phone number and units which look after the works:

Constitution State Services Claims 1-800-243-2490
Business Insurance Claims 1-800-238-6225
Construction Claims 1-877-828-4132
National Accounts Claims 1-800-832-7839

For further claims assistance, you can contact on 1-866-678-0492. You can log on to to obtain a claims form.

It should be noted that Travelers is also a provider of Insurance Mpn.

Those interested in more details about Travelers Insurance Company can login:


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