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USAA Mortgage

USAA Mortgage offers conventional loan packages to its customers who are associated with the US armed forces in one way or the other.

The organization has been providing the topmost services and rates today. USAA offers competitive rates and lines of credit through its bank sites in San Antonio, North Carolina and New York to name a few.

The United Services Automobile Association through its subsidiary USAA Federal Savings Bank offers mortgage packages including VA loans for refinance and home. It also offers jumbo and home equity loans.

Customers interested in jumbo loan package can contact 1-800-531-0463.

USAA mortgages options range from adjustable and fixed rate mortgages to federal housing administration (FHA) loans.

It assists consumers in buying homes. A tool called home buyer's guide is available on the organization's official website which helps and guides customers to buy, sell, move, rent, maintain, protect and refinance their homes.

USAA also provides its members with personalized quotes as well as estimated monthly payments via its website where they can log on and choose this option.

A customer must login with his or her username to access their account online For mortgage complaints, clients can call on 1-800-531-USAA (8722).

People looking for more information can read the reviews by satisfied customers on the internet.

USAA Mortgage Center

USAA mortgages are serviced by different centers that are different lenders also known as service providers. This includes US Bank, GMAC and Dovenmuehle Serviced USAA mortgages. Following is a list of service providers with phone numbers and website:

US Bank Serviced Mortgage
Phone Number: 1-877-365-7772

Dovenmuehle Serviced USAA Mortgages
Phone Number: 1-877-801-2447

GMAC Serviced Mortgages
Phone Number: 1-877-569-4632

Wells Fargo Serviced Mortgages
Phone Number: 1-877-252-7241

USAA Mortgage Calculator

USAA Mortgage Calculators offers its consumers a fair idea and above all, an overview of how much their mortgage or loan is going to be.

This feature is available on the United Services Automobile Association website

There are four types of mortgage calculators, each covering a different aspect:
  • Mortgage Points Calculator
  • Mortgage Refinancing Calculator
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator
  • Mortgage Loan Calculator.
This tool assists in guiding the clients as to what kind of mortgage package they are looking for or want.

USAA Mortgage Rates

USAA Mortgage Rates give an estimate and an outlook to the customers. Moreover, the rates are not always the same as they are subject to change.

The rates are based on factors such as down payment, credit score, loan amount, lock period, location, purchase and primary residence.

The organization provides rates to its consumers via its website outlining interest, annual percentage rates and points.

Members can also register online and sign up for rate alerts.

People wanting more information on USAA mortgage services can visit the company's website.


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