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USAA Mutual Funds

With United Services Automobile Association Mutual Funds, members can invest a minimum of just $20 to get started. There are no fees involved in this type of investment.USAA for its investment services that is mutual funds has been receiving good or top customer review. To make things easy, morning star ratings can be found by each type of fund offered by USAA on its website
( The various funds offered by the association include:

  • Taxable Bond
  • Tax-Exempt Bond
  • Equity
  • Index
  • Highly Rated
  • Money Market
  • Asset Allocation
  • Target Retirement
USAA along with Vanguard is one of the largest no load fund families.
The members are given pre-notification of estimated mutual funds distribution.

Overall, the USAA Mutual Funds Trust - USAA Cornerstone Strategy Fund is an open-ended balanced mutual fund launched and managed by USAA Investment Management Company. It was formed in August 15 1984. Its address and contact is:

9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio
TX, 78288-0227
Phone Number: 210-498-1817
Fax Number: 210-498-4022

The history (this link can be found on the homepage of the company's website)of the company dates back to early 1920s when it was initiated by a group of military officers who wanted to get their vehicles insured. Over the years, the company has expanded to what it is today.

USAA Mutual Funds Performance

In the past year, 2010, USAA Investment Management Company was acknowledged by the Barron's/Lipper Best Fund Family Survey ranked 15th out of 57 as the best mutual fund family. With this, USAA has been recognized as a high performing mutual fund company. The customer focused company delivers competitive performance. The company's administered mutual fund has been named the top-performing fund (highest rated) of the decade. This was based through the data collected by fund tracker Lipper Analytical Inc. It showed that the USAA Precious Metals (gold) and Minerals Funds had average annual return of 24.44 per cent for the decade ending December 31, 2009

USAA Mutual Funds Prospectus

The USAA Mutual Funds Prospectus is like a guide book for members and interested individuals keen on investing. The company's prospectus basically describes the types funds that are being offered for investors and buyers. It also provides material information about mutual funds, stock bonds and other investments. In this case, it contacts details about types of funds falling under the categories such as Equity, Tax-Exempt Bond, Money Market etc. This document can be found online that is on the company's official website funds trust. It also contains the list of symbols or sign whereby the various funds contain various symbols and price. For example USEXX stands for USAA Mutual FDS TR TAX EXMPT MONEY MARKET FUND, USGRX is USAA GROWTH & INCOME, USAAX stands for USAA GROWTH FUND, ICENX is Icon Funds Icon Energy Fund and USAIX stands for USAA MUTUAL FDS TR INCOME FUND. The symbols can also be found on yahoo.

For further information in regards to mutual funds, which to invest or complaints as to bad service, contact 1-800-531-8910 and log onto the website.


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