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Wells Fargo Life Insurance

Wells Fargo Life Insurance is one of the highly rated companies in USA. The organization offers the much needed care, protection and coverage to the families and individuals. It helps families achieve their educational, financial and retirement aspirations. Wells Fargo Term Life Insurance is very much affordable. It gives financial security. The term length options are 10 or 20-years for a simplified term life and 10 to 30-years for a term life. You can easily get quotes online You can find offices and branches in Minnesota, Alabama, San Francisco, Colorado, Texas etc.

Wells Fargo Life Insurance Sciences

Wells Fargo Life Insurance Sciences offers its services in drug & pharmaceutical, research and testing laboratories, clinical research organizations, biotechnologies, nanotechnologies as well as medical devices. Wells Fargo Life Insurance Sciences delivers cost effective program options for events, regulatory support, expert coverage analysis, and high level of customer service.
The organization also provides crisis management assistance.

Wells Fargo Life Insurance Options

The options available are simplified term life insurance and term life insurance with different coverage for each:

Simplified Term LifeTerm Life Insurance
Term Length Options10 or 20 years10 to 30years
Coverage Amounts$25,000 - $150,000$100,000 - $5,000,000
Coverage Starts Immediately if qualifiedSix to eight weeks after application if qualified
MedicalExam Not requiredAlways required
Age and Health18 to 60 years with no health problem18 to 80 years with some pre-existing conditions

For further enquiries, you can contact the customer service on the phone number 1-866-294-2571.

Wells Fargo Life Mortgage Insurance

This department offers term life insurance plan. It helps pay for mortgage bill and other expenses in case of death. Under this coverage, the member can choose options such as simplified term life insurance and term life insurance program.

Apart from life insurance, Wells Fargo Insurance provides services and products such as monumental insurance, home mortgage insurance, bank and whole policy

If you are looking for more information, log onto the company's official website.


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