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Wells Fargo Mutual Funds

Wells Fargo Mutual Funds service is provided by the organization's Mutual Fund Center. The funds categorized under this center are Wells Fargo Advantage Funds, Funds by Family, Funds by Category and Mutual Fund Education. Given below is a list of what Funds Category is made up of:

  • Bank Loan
  • Mid-Cap Value
  • Natural Resources
  • Retirement Income
  • Small Blend
  • Equity Energy
  • Health
  • Large Value
  • Real Estate
  • Intermediate Term Bond
  • Small Growth
  • World Stock
A mutual fund account can be opened online. By opening an online account, the customer will be able to make electronic funds transfer from their bank accounts.
For further details access

Overall, Wells Fargo has been receiving great reviews. Its customer service is excellent. The company's rating can be seen on the internet.

Wells Fargo Mutual Funds Performance

Wells Fargo Mutual Funds Performance is renowned and has been receiving great reviews from satisfied customers and clients. Mutual funds performance is considered through the following:

  • Performance against competitors
  • Total return
  • Performance against bench mark index
  • Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns
Those interested in Wells Fargo Mutual Funds can have a look at its profile and screener which is available through the Wells Fargo Advisors brokerage account, the fund's annual and semi-annual shareholder reports, financial websites and the fund's website. For more information about mutual funds performance you can call on 1-800-368-1610 and login to

Wells Fargo Mutual Funds Contact

Wells Fargo provides mutual funds through its department Advantage Funds. Interested persons and customers can contact Wells Fargo Mutual Funds on:

Fund Information
Phone Number: 1-800-359-3379
Quotes/Balances/Transactions: 1-800-368-7550

Mail Address
Wells Fargo Advantage Funds
P.O. Box 8266
Boston, MA 02266-8266

It should be noted that there is no fees involved to buy and sell Wells Fargo Advantage no-load funds.

Those interested in knowing more about the company can go through its website:


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