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Wells Fargo Travel

Wells Fargo Travel package is provided under its International Insurance Plans. Wells Fargo with this policy offers security and cover due to unforeseen circumstances when going abroad. It looks after medical care if the client should need. The Wells Fargo Travel Insurance products and services includes:

  • Patriot Travel Medical Insurance
  • Patriot Extreme Travel Medical Insurance
  • Patriot Executive Travel Medical Insurance
  • Patriot Exchange Program
  • Patriot T.R.I.P.
  • Patriot T.R.I.P. Elite
  • Patriot Student T.R.I.P.
  • Global Medical Insurance
  • GEO Group
  • Patriot Group Travel Medical Insurance
  • Sky Rescue
  • Patriot Group Exchange Program
  • Student Health Advantage
The Patriot Travel Medical Insurance product meets the needs providing up to US$2 million of medical coverage. Interested persons can buy travel insurance at,PATII. Once they have filled in the required fields and submitted, they will receive a notification in their emails. Traveling customers have no need to worry about money as Wells Fargo also offers foreign exchange services.

Wells Fargo Travel Rewards

Wells Fargo Travel Rewards offer a number of opportunities to its consumers. Customers can choose to pay for their travel reservations with their rewards points for which they need to have an account with the company. They can also do this through their Wells Fargo Credit/Debit Card, combination of points and payment card. Those looking for further information or have questions can call on 1-888-246-1584. The travel rewards covers flight, cruise and hotel reservation as well as car & activities reservation. All this is available through Wells Fargo Exclusive Rewards. Customers can sign up for the rewards whereby they will receive alert and tips on the latest offers and program that the organization has in offer.

For further details have a look at the company's official website


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