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Wells Fargo Underwriter

Wells Fargo Underwriting services are offered under the company's brokerage department. Underwriting services are available in:

  • Real Estate Services
  • Mortgage Insurance Options
  • On-line Broker Guide
The underwriting options consist of loan prospector that is underwriting through the internet and verification of assets program which is designed for borrowers with non-conforming financial needs. It also includes contract underwriting for conventional products are available through designated mortgage insurance companies.The full documentation program (gm ipo) gives alternative documentation.An underwriter is basically an organization that administers the public issuance and distribution of securities from a corporation. The underwriter works closely with the issuing body to determine the offering price of the securities. It buys them from the issuer and sells them to the investors through the underwriter's distribution network. The underwriter also takes on complaint by the customer and looks into it. Wells Fargo has the perfect client team

Wells Fargo Underwriter Solutions India

Wells Fargo Underwriter Solutions has presence in India as well. The Wells Fargo India Private Limited (Pvt Ltd) is in Madhapur in Hyderabad. Its address and phone number is:

Wells Fargo Solutions India Private
No. 2A
Maximus Towers
Raheja Mindspace
Madhapur, Wells Fargo Underwriter SalaryWells Fargo Underwriter salary starts from $36k to $105k. The average consumer loan underwriter salary range process at Wells Fargo is $45k to $79k. Wells Fargo offers different range salaries to its underwriters depending on their experience. It ranges are like I, II Salary and III (3). Apart from underwriting salaries, jobs and career opportunities, the company also has openings for positions like:

  • Computer operator
  • Eviction specialist
  • Web engineering technology solutions
  • Loan processor
  • Mortgage broker
  • Credit/account manager
  • Technical recruiter
  • Business analyst

Wells Fargo Underwriter Interview Questions

Wells Fargo holds interviews on telephone as well as face-to-face. Some of the company's underwriter interview and test questions are:

  1. Name a specific time when you were faced with multiple priorities and how did you resolve that? What was the outcome?

  2. Name a time when you had a very critical deadline approaching and how did you handle it? What was the outcome?
For the interview, the candidates bring their resume and bio-data fully prepared for the interview. The company then contacts the successful candidates via their phone number who have passed the question process. Over time, the candidates undergo a review by the organization. Wells Fargo also gives on the job training. They are also given guidelines by the company.

Overall, Wells Fargo is located in Minnesota MN.

For further information, have a look at the company's website.


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