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Aflac Forms

Aflac Forms are available and accessible online for the convenience of its clients, customers and everyone as a whole. The insurance forms are in PDF format and can be found at Some of the forms which can be found here are:
  • Accidental Reinstatement Form
  • Cancer Policy Wellness Form
  • Accident Claim Form
  • Sickness Change Form
  • Bank Draft Change Form
You can also access here Accident Wellness Policy Form. The claims forms can also be accessed at Here you can find Wellness Claims Form, Disability Claim Forms and Sickness Claim. You have to choose the state of residence then select the claim forms you need. For example for the state of CA (California) you have forms such as dental, initial disability, claims authorization, life-beneficiary's statement, continuing disability and cancer wellness.
For the state of NJ (New Jersey) you will find sickness, waiver of premium, physician's visit benefit, long term care, home health care and care assist - contagious disease/outpatient surgery etc.

Aflac Forms Short Term Disability

Aflac Forms Short Term Disability is available in PDF format on This form is for those filing for claims for either disability due to an accident, disability due to pregnancy/complications, disability due to cancer or disability due to a sickness. Customers can call on 1-800-992-3522 for assistance in filling out the form and once completed, they can fax it to 1-877-442-3522. Moreover, Aflac's personal short term disability insurance helps provide the policy holder with a source of income if they become disabled due to a sickness or off the job injury. They can get monthly benefits from $400 to $3000 subject to income requirements with benefit periods from six months to twelve months or twenty-four months. The policyholder is guaranteed the right to renew this policy until the policy anniversary date following his or her 70th birthday by payment of premiums at the rate in effect at the beginning of each term. While the policy is in force, no change will be made because of the policyholder's age or physical condition. This is designed to help close the financial gap that can be created by one being disabled.

Aflac Forms Flex One

Aflac Forms Flex One is available a click away from the company's clients and customer. This is part of the Aflac Benefit Services. Aflac's role is to process the customer's requests for reimbursement according to the plan designed by the employer who is the plan sponsor and plan administrator. All benefits are paid by the employer through the customer's salary redirection. Flexible spending account benefits are paid by the employer and not insured or paid by Aflac Benefit Services. Aflac Forms Flex One can be accessed by login on This signed and completed form can be faxed to 1-877-353-9256. The customer service can be called for further enquiries on 1-877-353-9487. The form can also be mailed in to:

Aflac Benefit Services
1932 Wynnton Road
Columbus, GA 31999-9950

For more information you have a look at

People interested in more information can have a look at the company's official website.


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