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Aflac Wellness

Aflac Wellness looks after the interests of its policyholders and their family members as a whole. Aflac Insurance Company does this by offering plenty of insurance benefits to care for the policyholders when they are sick. The wellness benefits kick in yearly after the consumer has been using their insurance. These benefits range from $15 to over $75 per year per policy. Some policies pay the policyholders multiple wellness benefits provided the proper paperwork is submitted to get the benefit payment. As highlighted on, the wellness benefits have been stated in the policy booklet of its benefits section. This tells what is required to get in the yearly benefit. What is benefit can also be found on the World Wide Web. Typically, Aflac Insurance Company requires its clients to submit a date of a doctor's visit or receipt of treatment to collect the benefit. One of the great points about this benefit is that it is retroactive whereby the policyholder will get payments for past yearly benefits if they have not collected them. Aflac even pays wellness benefits on policies and plan that the policyholder has cancelled but had previously for a year or more. Therefore, it is advisable for clients and customers to collect their policies and document their policy numbers, effective dates and wellness amounts. Once this has been done, the client can sit back and get their wellness benefits that are due to them.
The consumer is informed about the benefit amount and rates when they buy or purchase the policy. They can check this in the booklet that is provided to them by the organization.

Aflac Wellness Claim Forms

Aflac Wellness Claim forms are accessible online via the company's official website through it customer service division, There are claims forms such as:
  • Accident Claim Form
  • Hospital Indemnity Plan Wellness Benefit Claim Form
  • Critical Illness Wellness Claim Form
There is also the Cancer Screening Wellness Benefit Claim Form. This is a form cancer claim. It has been stated that to receive the wellness benefit, the forms must be correctly filled in. customers can also call in 1-800-992-3522 for more information on this or if they have any enquires. In regards to cancer, claim for cancer treatment must be submitted separately using the cancer claim form. This form is available on The reimbursement form is available at any of the Aflac offices and branches.

Aflac Wellness Program

Aflac Wellness Program is categorized as a position or job opportunity for persons interested in joining the organization or the insurance sector. There are openings for:
  • PC Support Analyst
  • Payroll Supervisor
  • Sales Associate
  • Projector Manager
  • Wellness Program Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
There are also opportunities for software engineers, accountants, customer service officers, and human resource representatives etc. Aflac Insurance Company also provides corporate employment and gives job search option on its website which is accessible on Interested persons can even create their profiles here and find the job at their preferable location or state.

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