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Assurant Center

Assurant Center falls under the branch of Assurant Specialty Property. It looks into renters insurance and liability insurance. The Assurant Insurance Center makes filing and reporting claims easy. It has been highlighted on that if the customer's belongings are stolen when they have been away from home, the renters insurance policy will cover the loss up to the policy limit. Renters insurance also protects the belongings in the car. If the client or customers are on the road trip, and a thief breaks into the car, renters insurance covers the loss. The customer or client will just have to report the claim as soon as it occurs and the company will take care of the rest. The Assurant Center reaches out to the clients and customers through its call center via customer service. The center gives job and career opportunities from time to time. There are openings for:
  • Call Center Manager with Inbound Call Center Experience
  • Customer Care Associate
  • Unit Manager
  • Insurance Specialist
  • Customer Service Rep
  • Consumer Relations Agent
  • QA Coordinator II
Assurant Center also provides the services of Your Employee Services (Yes), it's a benefits information and administration center headquartered in Atlanta. Yes provides a single point of contact for all US.

Assurant Center Learning

Assurant Center Learning is a new and exciting venture of Assurant Specialty Property. This center of educational excellence is an innovative investment that exemplifies its dedication to its associate customers and resilient success. This piece of information and more is available on There is also a satellite learning center. The Assurant Specialty Property Learning Center is an exciting new landscape that will continue to enhance the company's talent, distinguish their business and drive towards future success. Assurant Insurance Company highlights that as the mortgage industry continually changes, staying in the forefront of adjusting trends, state regulations, building codes and construction materials are essential. It believes that empowering employees with the knowledge to be the best in the industry is the fundamental foundation of their Learning Center.

Assurant Center Online Claim

Assurant Center Online Claim can be accessed on
Here the customer or client will have to enter his or her service ID and password to proceed further. If they are not a member, they can register. Once they have registered, the customer or client will receive authorization notifications by email. For registration, the interested person will have to enter their service ID and password into the specified fields. Then and then only can they proceed further. With this, customers can file their claim online. After a customer submits their claim, this cutting-edge technology sends their information directly to their assigned claims adjuster and an email confirmation is sent back to the policyholder. This new feature allows the company to process claims quickly and efficiently while reducing adjudication times for the claims. To learn more about the Assurant Insurance Center, visit

People interested in more information about the company can see its online portal.


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