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Assurant Home Insurance

Assurant Home Insurance is also known as residents liability. Residents liability is a stand-alone liability insurance policy that serves to protect primarily the insurable interest of the property owners while offering residents a minimal coverage renters insurance policy. This program provides up to $300,000 in personal liability coverage in the event of bodily injury or damage to someone else's property for which the insured is liable. It also pays up to $500 per person for medical and funeral expenses to others. The benefits comprises of:
  • Additional resource for property manager's ancillary revenue
  • Easy online enrollment process
  • Coverage at a reasonable monthly premium
  • Risk management for the property management company
This is inclusive of hassle free, turnkey administration, peace-of-mind product for customers, risk management and compliant marketing as well as convenient billing and payment methods for residents. For more information you can call on 1-800-358-0600. The insurance reviews of the organization have said a lot about its products and services. It shows the satisfaction and contentment of the customers and clients as a whole. Assurant also provides health insurance.
The organization also has a specialized insurance UK depot.

Assurant Home Warranty Program

Assurant Home Warranty Program is provided by Assurant Services Canada Incorporated. This program is only available when a person applies for a new mortgage, and there is no cost for the first five months from the effective date of membership. The membership in the program is only available for new mortgages and is not available to residents and homes in Alberta, B.C and Saskatchewan. The key benefits are:
  • Complimentary Membership - There is no cost to the customer for the first five months from the effective date of membership.
  • Greater Security - The Home Warranty Program will help ease the strain of day-to-day expenses a member might face in case of unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions to the systems or components in the home that are covered by the program.
  • Affordable - After the first five months have passed, a monthly membership fee of $15.95 plus applicable taxes(subject to change) is charged.
  • Convenient - After the first five months have passed and the complimentary period is over, the membership fee is collected automatically each month. The payment is processed as a separate, pre-authorized debit from the same account from which the mortgage payments are taken.

Assurant Home Inspection

Assurant Home Inspection companies can be found on Buying a house is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make. Like any investment, they will want to know as much information about their purchase as possible. This is where home inspection comes in. Comprehensive professional home inspections are designed to help interested persons with that effort. Assurant home inspection companies conduct home inspections according to their home inspection association's Standard of Practice & Code of Ethics. Overall, home inspection is an objective visual analysis of a home's structure and systems. An inspection will determine the areas of a home that are not performing properly as well as items that are beyond their useful life or are unsafe. Inspections include areas of the home's interior and exterior, from the roof to the foundation and the exterior drainage and retaining walls. If problems are found, the inspector may recommend further evaluation. Home Inspection is a visual inspection to determine problems or conditions that exist at the time of the inspection. It should be noted that a home inspection is not a warranty.

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