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Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance refers to financial protection against the damages caused to a person or property due to traffic collisions involving a car, truck or any other road vehicle. The term is confusing as it may refer to different kinds of automobile insurance products, such as that providing liability coverage and offering compensation for the loss or damage of a vehicle, with or without the occurrence of a traffic collision.

Many state laws in the US require a motor vehicle owner to have adequate liability coverage in order to pay for the bodily injuries and property damages done to others. Even in states like North Carolina, the law forbids a person to obtain a driving license if he/she does not hold liability insurance of minimum standard.

In Virginia, one has to pay a penalty of $500 annually for not choosing to have liability coverage. The law of Florida requires a separate insurance policy for an automobile registered in the state. The minimum coverage under Florida Insurance is $10,000 personal injury protection (PIP) and $10,000 property damage liability (PDL). Browse our website to find reviews on statewide car insurance requirements in the US.

Automobile Insurance Quotes

Automobile Insurance quotes may vary according to the age, gender, marital status, vehicle type, mileage driven, credit ratings and the driving history of the applicant. As the law regulating car insurance varies across all US states, there might be different requirements to obtain an accurate quote. The type of coverage you choose also determines the premium rates applicable to you.

Most companies combine all basic coverages under Comprehensive and Collision Coverages, which are commonly known as full coverage. The free online quotes provided by some third part companies can offer you an opportunity to compare quotes and prices offered by different insurance carriers for similar policies and choose the best option. Auto insurance discounters may also help you get a quote that you can easily afford.

Auto Insurance Companies

A fairly large number of companies are offering auto insurance products in the US. However, a good deal of research work is needed to establish the credential of a company and whether it is going to help you have adequate coverage at the least premium price. The company ratings, comparison tools, estimate calculator, online quotes and several other resources may help you arrive at a decision.

You should also check the various products offered by a company for different consumer groups. For example, you can find a company offering auto insurance for teenagers, veterans, dummies, college students, high risk drivers, military, teachers and rental cars separately.

Moreover, there are also policies that are available with no down payment, credit check or driver license requirements. You can even have a policy without owning a car or a license. Browse to get a detailed account of Auto Insurance Companies, such as Nationwide, Allstate, State Farm, Progressive and GEICO.

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