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Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance is an important step towards paying for dental care and maintaining a healthy mouth forever. There are various plans offered by a large number of insurance carriers, licensed agents, brokers and online providers. It becomes indeed a daunting task to select the one that ensures total oral care.

The availability of such a complex array of plans is, however, helpful in finding an appropriate dental insurance that covers invisalign, orthodontics, oral surgery, lumineers, dentures, implants, wisdom teeth extraction, crowns and braces for adults and kids.

The articles contained in this website are a guide to help you know about various dental insurance plans offered by companies operating in US states like California, Texas, Washington, Michigan and Florida.

Dental Insurance Plans

The most common dental insurance plans can be categorized in the following way:
  • Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO): It is the cheapest option in which you become a member to receive services from professional dentists at no cost. The insurance company pays for the dentist on a per capita basis, no matter how often you use the service during the coverage period.
  • Indemnity: The patient is allowed to choose their own dentist, however the plan does not provide full coverage. The carrier pays only a portion of the treatment fee and the rest is borne by the patient.
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO): It is cheaper than Indemnity, but you are restricted to choose your dentist from the list of participating dental providers. It is possible to go to a non-PPO dentist but you will have to bear the cost of higher deductibles and/or co-payments.
Apart from the above-mentioned plans, there also exists a scheduled reimbursement plan to get back a portion of the fee you paid to a dentist. There may also be a deductible and waiting periods on certain procedures. However it is possible to find a plan with no waiting period. It is even possible to find Dental Insurance with Medicare, full coverage, orthodontic coverage, cosmetic coverage, Implant coverage, no wait time, and with Pre Existing Conditions.

Dental Insurance Companies

We offer a guide on dental insurance companies providing services in California, Florida, Alabama, NC, Colorado, Texas, Illinois, Georgia and other US States. Most of these companies offer dental insurance for individuals, families, seniors, college students, kids, children, seniors on medicine, adults, disabled people, elderly, employees and almost everyone within their areas of operation.

Some even offer discount plans, discount cards and other options to let individuals and families have the best care at the least expenses. You can check online quotes on their website or get our assistance in locating resources that help you compare quotes and other product features. Some of the leading dental insurance companies that we have covered in this website include Aetna, MetLife, Blue Cross Shield, USAA, Humana, and Delta.

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